#1 Most Important Piece Of Business Advice For First-Time Entrepreneurs | Ask Dan Lok


  1. Francis K

    Damn Dan, you got me checking your channel everyday like “When the hell is this man uploading a new video” lmao, i need a dose of your knowledge everyday, guess i need to buy the FU Money. Thanks for the Valuable videos

  2. Michael Ehlert

    Agree 100%

  3. Clark Allen Cruz

    You make the best videos, Just like Mr Pena

  4. Desmond Soon

    I love this interview. So much Truth.

  5. Aleksandr Filimonov

    Dan,looks like he got butterflies in his stomach. Nice job not having your voice reflect your internal stress. Really appreciate the content on your site. Both Dan’s are awesome.

  6. radigass

    Thank you Dan! You videos are worth millions! You have sharpen my mind set and broaden my thinking. Hope to meet you one day!

  7. Radha Krishna Ramagiri

    Dan Thank you, this morning it was a great advice. Yes it’s best to be with a company which has made it’s Mark and help it grow and we grow with it. RK

  8. Kiri Kiske

    liked before watching 🙂

  9. Burninmyleather

    This is so Great. Shifted my thinking. It’s true, I see myself as a Businessman/investor. (See: Carl Icahn)

  10. ravzam11

    Hi Dan,
    I didn’t understand this part clearly “If u ask me now I would not start a business” Can u explain again why?Should we not start a business?Maybe u can make a video about this.How to invest in a business?
    Greetings from Germany

  11. Keith Lewis



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