5 steps to opening your successful Hair Salon


  1. MzCarmelLion

    Thank you for this video.

  2. anointed2bnatural

    Same here I’m doing the same thing. Mobile and from home. I’m building my
    brand now and I can’t wait to see it grow!

  3. Karen Gamino

    I’ve watched your video like three times already. So inspiring!

  4. Nerissa Farrell

    I love you as a person!! This is a great video very inspiring I hope to see
    you surpass over 100,000 subscribers <3

  5. Scott Bustamante

    Thank you so much for this video it has really helped me a lot when trying
    to plan things out for opening my salon so inspiring and motivational thank
    you again

  6. lidiya polt

    So inspirational! Thank you for this! 🙂 xoxo

  7. Jimmy Vswong

    Very well done…

  8. DIY Janea

    hi I can’t wait to add you on Instagram! I just wanted to say that I think
    you made an error with your instagram name in your link. Great video!

  9. Life Of Livs

    That was such an amazing video! So inspirational 🙂 Thanks for sharing, it
    was really insightful! I would love to see you do another chatty video
    about your experiences launching your hairline & wig collection xx

  10. Zisira


  11. Kendra Jay

    Thank you for sharing! This video helped me so much!

  12. Adele Robinson

    Inspirational thank you!!!!

  13. morgan kerver

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to make this video. It helped
    me beyond words could ever express. Your passion reflects mine and I truly
    hope to be able to reflect back and share my story when I’m at the spot you
    our one day. I love how you never gave up. I have so many plans and dreams
    and I know where my heart it bringing me blows me away that I was brought
    to this video and so happy I found it because I really help my scattered
    mind focus in on details. You are amazing and truly congrats on all of your
    success !

  14. Rose Blake

    Wow, you really grew the business into a professional and blush place. How
    did you find your good staff?

  15. Tiffany Dawson

    I was having a sad day because of my fear and doubts of opening my mobile
    salon. You helped me with questions and ideas I needed to get refocused an
    energized. Thank you so much! Congrats to you on your drive and success!!!!
    Much love, Tiffany

  16. Latonia Brown

    Hello. I want you to know that I’m coming from a medical back ground with
    braiding being my first love. I been braiding off and on for about 20 years
    and working. I stop working to pursue my dream of natural hair ,braids and
    lace fronts and more salon suite. I went to You Tube for help and your
    video was the first I saw. Watching your video was the best thing that
    happened to me that day. Your very inspiring and I would love to meet you
    in person for the many questions I know you could answer. Keep up your
    great work and don’t stop posting. Again would loved to have tea.

  17. DivinelyMariah

    Very helpful video. Thanks for making!

  18. Kule Anthony

    so interesting and hope to get in touch with you on twitter and face book
    for more details

  19. Deartra Brown

    Love your hair

  20. Nadine Simon

    absolutely enjoyed this video. so much I’ve learned an especially in the
    pricing area. I get so many clients trying to get discounts even after I
    charge so cheap. my daughter is now training and I sent her this to avoid
    her packing up my bad habits eg. not knowing how to say no to cheapskates.
    she’s more firm and she doesn’t play with her money lol so hopefully she
    can learn from you and go on to be very successful. love your waiting area
    very glam. all the best xx

  21. Lola Love

    Why would hair salons go private? How could other people look bomb too ??

  22. Ciera Bell


  23. Shay Lee

    Hi…we’re is your salon located..And do you mentor other upcoming stylist?

  24. Educated Melanin

    Where did you get the money to open up the first place in the market ?

  25. Don Quijotedelamancha

    SO very refreshing to hear you talk about your dream come true. Thank you
    for your frankness and humbleness. Not into the beauty business myself.
    Just browsing through some videos on different salon designs for a buddy
    and stumbled upon your clip, which was tremendously fulfilling and worth
    watching. Paul:)

  26. Baddie Li

    You’re beautiful !

  27. Neha Atkari

    can u just explain me what is difference between a lounge salon a studio
    salon and a salon

  28. Holly Rose

    God bless you. ♥

  29. miguel freddy

    very fantastic but could something tell me how to do same if i’m a nurse

  30. prettiergirlz hair

    Thank you for this vid young lady. I was lost a lil bit in the beginning,
    but I have learned lots from watching this. I have to find a happy medium
    in location for middle class, luxury, and more! This was most informative!
    Thanks doll

  31. Kelly Campbell

    Your beginning salons did you have a sink to wash hair and if not how did
    you navigate around that

  32. Karma Lodoe

    hi franceca thanks for advices.

  33. Mercedes Bloodsaw

    Thank you! This really helped☺️ I’m Going to start writing EVERYTHING Down
    For when I open my own salon ?

  34. Amy Silverman

    Rachel Dolezall much?!?

  35. miispeaches1

    You’re truly amazing and an inspiration.

  36. Anabel Garcia

    luv it!

  37. Christa Mitchell

    love this. are you open to email me? I have a few questions

  38. Jorge Marroquin

    What you means. You private how you get new clients ?

  39. Burnflesh82

    so helpful thank you

  40. Bria Robinson

    you are an idol


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