All About the Music Business : Hold Your Dreams: Music Business Advice

Learn some advice and tips on holding onto your dreams in the music business and why that"s so important from our expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Barry Bergman
Bio: Barry Bergman is a veteran manager, music publisher, speaker, consultant, who is the president and founder of the Music Managers Forum in the United States.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. marcusunlimited

    Barry, that was deep! Awesome. I have never heard anyone actually admit
    that friends and family can sometimes go away. Dreams are forever. Neat:)
    Great point.

  2. Al jones

    That fact that ppl will not pay £10 for the new metallica album means that
    if ur a new artist you best be giving it away to get heard

  3. Christopher Boylen

    ty 4 your advice. i think i will change my avenue up a bit.

  4. code507

    I’ve watched 10,000 videos since you tube started… You are the FIRST
    PERSON to ever shoot 100% straight… 100% honest and direct… thanks for
    your message of wisdom… I feels wonderful to know there are others out
    there like yourself thanks! I know your words will help others…. the
    business can be confusing to some as it’s not for everyone like you said!

  5. code507

    We are only Get the moment and the moons light upon us at night when we
    strool for a walk in this life… we believe in the false reality that all
    is well…that everything will be there… but really life is what it is…
    thanks for your honest words! You are right one day there may be nothing
    but one’s self but dreams may remain… if one wants them to be… thanks!

  6. michealmillerfirefac

    great Advise – thanks

  7. HelloImMatt

    @deftonesfan192 the fact that people will not pay for the new metallica
    album is because the torrent :S


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