Best Business Advice I"ve ever received

I know this video is long, but trust me you will like it! I am speaking about my random experience with a real estate investor that I randomly did a favor for and we begun to have a convo about business, life and God. He went on to speak on NLP and programming my mind, speaking things into existence. He left my car that night with a strong statement: “You have the power dude, the power is in you!".


  1. Eric Edomoye
  2. Adewale Taiwo

    you have roll on wall borders! Baahaha I tore mines down a few months ago!
    NLP-never be satisfied-engineer your life! I told myself something similar
    to this years ago! “Envision what you want, work backwards to where you are
    now, determine a plan, and exceed it!” -Taiwo


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