BEST!!! Business Motivation Watch Now – Success Stories (Oprah, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple)


  1. Dhirendra Yadav

    nice bro

  2. Astound Recruitment

    Get up & Go! Pick your self up again & Go
    Just as you were a child you fell and up you went and fell some more. Just
    don’t sit there when down! Get up before you know it you’ll walk, then run,
    then sprint then leap jump etc etc (never give up) there is a reason that
    was ever said ‘Never give up’ you can do it!!

  3. Loic Kamwa


  4. Luis Zecena

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  5. shashi joshi

    Excellent collection

  6. Hamdis Habib


  7. jazevox

    motivating – saving in my playlist, definitely

  8. Rachel Teariki

    thanks a million for all that encouragement, knowledge and inspirational
    ideas. it help to keep the fire in me burning

  9. Antonio Martinez

    Thank You

  10. anon pani

    Gifted people to help this small kid suffering from blood cancer

  11. Tina Tiamzon

    thankyou for this. i am now fearless

  12. Avy Ellis

    Graet statements made.. Toatally agree. As I have also stated and
    elaborated in my books e.g.

  13. Emmanuel Amtie

    So Motivational ;)

  14. Mr Eric

    Yes ! I Can… Trust Me I Can. I am The Next Bill Gates.

  15. Blake Westdyk

    TM 1991 angles have star power.

  16. Blake Westdyk

    is my professional opinion in my recommendations to the world support
    systems of the world’s Republic for what they stand never give up because
    when you give up and you surrender people end up dying because you didn’t
    try hard enough your success of all you billionaires who wants to say
    you’re so great in all you do how many people have you saved their lives
    truly only your success could be measured of what you did on this short
    time line of your lifespan was it for your own personal gain of your
    success or was it your own personal relationship with other people to
    change their life for the best and for the grace and the glory of our Earth
    we only have a few moments in history to relay information to the next
    members of our society that come next it seems to me that the owner from
    Verizon Wireless of the actor Richard live on Easter Island why tax evasion
    my original text was called or text it refer to the NeverEnding Story and
    how my horse died in the swamps of sadness this stands for America’s
    Republic tax it was only 1% to be used for my MD to provide medical
    measures to all people of the planet including animals Dentistry practice
    as well as psychiatry acupuncture aromatherapy spiritual hearing healing
    but when there’s a will there’s a way for people like Richard backstabber
    from Verizon Wireless to bathe everyday in the blood of the innocent
    children that he is deprived of his Network that he is stolen upon my
    satellite next time Richard you tell your wife silver dollar it wasn’t very
    nice for her to tell me to steal a silver dollar from this island for it is
    forbidden and I obey to her majesty the Queen of England for this treachery
    that’s your wife decide to send upon myself I know that the House of Lords
    has de lorded you for your unethical practices of your fine margin of
    failure or success what success could you truly have when you know you are
    responsible 400 Lots of people that are deprived past the point of poverty
    and you could even spend 4% of all your wealth it has came to not just my
    conclusion but Pope Francis conclusion too you need to understand why we
    have trials to see if you spend the money on the floor or hold it on to the
    bank your Deathbed please do not take this lightly for these words are
    powerful that have been given to me by the holy Vatican church and has
    prophesized of your destruction of Verizon Wireless it is also my
    professional opinion in my recommendations to the world’s court systems of
    the world Republic for which it stands the next time you decide to build an
    aircraft that descends from space into the Earth atmosphere as a pilot of
    Hubble 1 Mercury I would like to remind you Pilots do get dizzy when you
    spin around like your idea twirling Space Capsule back into Earth
    atmosphere don’t you think you get dizzy damn sure I would but we don’t do
    it like that but I’ll let you know how we do it but I won’t because in
    Germany we have the right to keep to our Trade Secrets Kaiser

  17. Blake Westdyk

    he’s also my professional opinion my reputation to the world’s court
    systems of the world’s Republic for which it stands Oprah I’ve always been
    a fan all of your strong soul to hold on your own Broadcasting Company in
    Chicago and how you are such a great inspiration not just to my daughter
    all women and men should understand about your great achievement not just
    to the color of purple but all the shades of you sure I remember the love
    that you shown throughout her interviews of the Oprah Winfrey show and the
    clear understand of true passion and beauty of your acting capabilities a
    plane the most amazing role of the color of purple and that goes out to
    Prince may he rest in peace

  18. Blake Westdyk

    hey Mark just wanted to know if you knew before most of our computers were
    invented computers for the size of city blocks one of my jobs was to put
    these little cards which was a punch out of a binary systemic generator of
    a cone to create the very first calculator it was one city block pretty
    funny huh throughout my career knowing that the Technologies that we hold
    was in Monopoly so I was forced to come up with a story to split the two
    different computer companies to two different entities one being Apple to
    the reference of the Apple that eve took a bite from insta dude Adam to try
    it and the other one was IBM I like the original IBM that still stands
    today intergrated Banks machine who was the very first way to use digital
    currency not just used in America but globally as the very first set of
    standards all transactions encrypted binary code or Hrtz frequencies this
    was also before you were born I grow very slowly but truly do remember you
    and having great times playing Little League baseball in Wyckoff New Jersey

  19. Garvit Gupta

    who is at 8:15?

  20. Reiyan Ansari


  21. Rohan jain

    In-Dust-Tree is Industry.. Growing Tree in Dust. I Will ..:)

  22. hbilha

    This is all very nice ,but…all these successful people have highly above
    average intelligence. They make it seem like its all about not giving up
    You have to have talent.


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