Best Tips for Success in Business — Advice from Michael Jacobsen In this video Michael Jacobsen outlines the best tips for success in business. Michael firmly believes the secret is all down to mindset. f you want the secret of business success you need to develop a winning psychology. In terms of the psychology of successful businessmen, they all tend to have traits in common which include – they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, they love what they do, they have the perseverance and the mental strength to follow their plan.

Michael points out that the psychology of successful businessmen is the same as top sportsmen or athletes. Top athletes and sportsmen focus on a daily routine and doing the basics each day and its the same for the top businessmen. If you do this and stay motivated and focused you can achieve success in business. Top athletes are mentally focused and persevere and the same traits are needed in business. If you want the secret of success in business then you need to focus on getting the right psychology.

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