Big Bold Business Advice

“Big bold business advice” book review by Tim Ray
This business advice book is filled with useful tips and “how-to’s” for small business owners and professionals who want to grow their business. Published by Woodpecker Press, a New Jersey woman-owned publishing company, each of the 72 easy-to-read chapters is authored by a different women entrepreneur who shares insider insight about her area of expertise to help you profit in your business.


  1. Donna Thompson

    Tim, thank you for the great video review of “Jersey Women Mean Business!
    Big Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners”! I’m very
    glad you found the book beneficial to business owners. It was written by
    business owners and entrepreneurs sharing their expertise with other
    business owners. We’re in the process of seeking authors for the next
    volumes of the Big Bold Business Book Series. Any business owner interested
    can get the details at


    Nice job reviewing the Big Bold Business book! 


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