Business Advice 101: How not to get scammed by business or clients

If you are seeking advice on how to avoid getting scammed by clients or businesses while conducting business then watch this video.


  1. Chris Lee aka Tooney
  2. Jason Anderson

    Good info

  3. twinc87

    thanks for the advice brother.real talk.

  4. NoLaTvShow3

    good looking out on the info

  5. mrhodes100

    Great advice keep up the good work. :-)

  6. Vex T

    Thanks for addressing this issue and uploading it Chris!

    My quick solution to this ongoing problem is that people need to learn how
    to make simple business contracts, using only words both parties understand
    in a common definition, have it readily available online and printed on
    paper, and finally, if both parties meet in mind, have both parties sign
    the document.

    Or, either parties can orally contract and record the event (FYI 3rd and
    impartial witnesses is good to have to defend against any future claims of
    wrong or injury given to either party) by means of verifiable and tangible
    evidence of a contract agreed upon e.g. video, audio, signed bill if
    reciept, etc. In short, record every business transaction at all times and
    keep a file of it; it’s what any sane and reasoning man will do to protect
    herhis music business credibility and claim of right to one’s music

  7. Jim Harrison

    Thanks for the advice, Chris. Very valuable thing to know about in this

  8. Michael Hagins

    I would like some services from you. Can I contact you via email? 

  9. Nick Delarosa

    Hi Chris
    If they want one track
    Do you send them several snips ?


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