Business Advice For Hustlers And Entrepreneurs – Nothing Is Free!


  1. Liban Warsame

    Thank you Pedro for sharing these valuable experience and bussiness ideas for free.
    Hope we repay that debt after our entrepreneurial adventures bear fruits.
    Obrigado novamente.

  2. Emmanual Odu Ameh

    I completely agree

  3. william somto

    Good stuff pedro.👍👍
    Looking foward to your next video about “how to find out the price”.

  4. Mr E 101

    Nice one Mr P, please I am waiting for your next video. Thanks

  5. Hassan Musa dabra

    I’ve tried some strategies, some works some don’t. Can’t wait to watch the next video on how to know the price.thanks a lot.

  6. Grant Grant-Ezeronye

    Nothing is damn free!…Mogul talk

  7. Hawa Hawa

    Need that next video. How to find out the price!! People can be devious every company is also a person. I’ve been offered staff that will be paid by a company with eu funding. So effectively thats free qualified staff for 12 week’s. What is the price to me!! I’m not in fantacy land and so uneasy with the idea at the moment. Uk based.

  8. John O

    Indeed nothing is free. This is why Nigerian scammers get people because people will pay that $600 to get that 1 million dollars.

  9. Palmer Noah

    Good advice

  10. Eva Alordiah

    This was sooooooo good I subscribed so fast! Thank you for your amazing content and on point Advice

  11. Sinésio Couceiro

    FREE advice (ohh the irony):It’s pronounced *thing* not *sing*!


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