Business Advice For Plumbers With Grant Cardone


  1. Flos FitnessTV

    Bell crew, first again

  2. Sonia Gibbs

    This guy’s business made a million and he pocketed 300K????!!! That’s 30%??! Get your priorities straight for fucks sake.

  3. Mitsuru La

    I have only some 5 digits now….
    How can I be a millionaire first???

  4. Dinahmite Ideas

    Great video! Keep it simple love it!

  5. CJTurner

    He takes 10k a week?
    Sounds like he has got his priorities wrong.

  6. El name

    I wonder what Grant charges for one of these sessions.

  7. Nak Koe

    3 million from plumbing……How?

  8. Devin Pool

    From a plumbing business to apartment investing? Makes no sense. Invest in something related so you can merge the 2, like maybe a tool store or maintenance services.

  9. Aaron Day

    Grant, where is your integrity man!? I think a lot of your content is great but WTF are you doing business coaching? You are an awesome investment coach, but you’re letting yourself and your peep’s down here. I have 18 years experience helping business owners like this guy, plus a proven patented coaching and software system to do it. I’ve made millions for dozens of small business owners and I know there is a unique set of patterns and systems that work together to make a business work and they are completely different from what makes investing work. you need to get clear on the fact that 10x works from an investing viewpoint and leave business systems to the real experts.

  10. Paul Nicholl

    I would love to have Mr Cardone coach me, sir you are a true leading spirit, thank you!


    Does any one know what’s the name of the plumber and what’s his business name?

  12. Mike Hoont

    I thought he wad delivering for FTD when he walked in


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