Business Advice From Doug Richard (

Doug Richard is an entrepreneur and investor who specializes in technology transfer, commercialization and business incubation. Richard appeared as an investor on the first two series of Dragons" Den.

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    Always admired Mr Richard from DD days. Cogent and cohesive opinions
    delivered in customary style. Distilled views that shun academic waffle and
    stick to the things that matter in the modern business world. Bravo. BTW
    I’ll sleep better I’ve told the wife I’m blessed with itelligent laziness.
    Thank you

  2. 27ken27

    Great video. It’s been recently since I attended one presentation of
    Mr.Richard at Olympia (London) that I’ve been moved to listen to his
    business experience and knowledge. I think I am becoming a disciple of him.

  3. Arsene Remy

    Awesome info!

  4. Stuart Roberts

    Fantastic info many thanks


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