Business Advice : How to Sell an Idea

When selling an idea, there should be a clear message about how the idea works, how it benefits the user and how it makes or saves money. Sell an idea with tips from a certified adviser on small business in this free instructional video on starting a business.

Expert: Paula Roberts
Bio: Paula Roberts is the executive director of the Tennessee State University Small Business Development Center.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


  1. mdjhussain

    who should i sell it too????? who are the audience that buys idea????
    please answer.

  2. olddogpark12

    your idea should be sold to the company that has the means and money to pay
    for it and will be able to use your product or idea

  3. jojokhader

    I have an idea, that many companies on the market use, but some of the
    points I use are used to identify another idea than that used on that
    website. Can I copy right my idea?

  4. 96792luv

    Yea, but this doesn’t tell me how I go about selling my idea. Your helping
    with the pitch, but in no way helping us to find a buyer.

  5. MsKandahar

    Hi, could you tell me if I can check if someone else have al ready the same


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