Business Advice on how best to approach the green issue

In this business tv show we look at how businesses can operate sustainably in emerging economies. Experts Stephen Philips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council, Ian Coleman, Partner, Head of emerging markets, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK, Frederique Schillern, COO Asia Pacific, Equity Trust, and Chris Runckel, President of international business consultants Runckel and Associates, look at issues from energy to air quality, and what green steps are being taken in emerging economies.

Ian Coleman: I do believe that this issue of sustainability, broadening beyond climate change but sustainability which would capture thinking about employment practices as well as just sort of the climatic effects of this activity is going to be an absolutely central issue for the way in which emerging markets emerge.

Chris Runckel: In China a lot of water ways if you are standing next o it your eyes are tearing from the smell of chemicals. If you’re in China travelling for a couple of weeks often times you’ll develop a cough because of the higher levels of articulates in the air. In general pollution is a very big problem in most of these developing countries it’s a problem. In China throughout the eastern area it’s an increasing problem in Vietnam, it will be a bigger and bigger problem in India.

Frederique Schillern: I think we talked about China and its political and economic role in the world; it is more and more becoming a global player. That"s going to mean for them to address things like the environment, in turn that means potential for a lot of companies dealing with environmental technology, environmentally friendly systems for example. It means that they have to open up their financial markets amongst other things, is one of the few things that is still very tightly controlled, that means of course an enormous amount of potential for environmental firms and all the advisory professional services that go with that.

Ian Coleman: I think it would be wrong to characterise emerging markets as a …


  1. businesstvmark

    Those oil rig shots are pretty cool! Pollution is not!

  2. businesstvkelsi

    It’s hard to imagine how bad pollution can be when you come from a small
    rural town in NZ, let’s keep the world green!

  3. businesstvAndie

    We seem to forget that we are partly responsible for the high pollution
    rate in the emerging markets and most of them are very concerned about the
    enviornment. What we do next to help them solve these environmental issues,
    should be one of our top most agenda’s today.

  4. James Kirk

    i hope so too but it is possible. Here in Hamburg the Elbe was a disgrace.
    Now it is so much better since the breakup of the Eastern Bloc

  5. BusinessExpertLouise

    The responsibility of cleaning up the environment is everyone’s
    responsibility. I agree with businesstvAndie, we should be asking “What can
    we do to help?”

  6. businessexpertandre

    I’m all about reducing pollution and technologies are helping to reduce
    this. I just wish people wouldn’t get pollution confused with the ‘theory
    of global warming’, which in my book does not have solid evidence to back
    it but simply a media frenzy exploiting something topical and controversial.

  7. James Kirk

    ohhh – controversial! 😀

  8. businesstvAndie

    I completely agree with you on this businessexpertandre and I wish that
    people were a bit aware of the basic difference between the two. There was
    a show on PrimeTV a month ago about this. I just wish I could remember the
    name of the show!

  9. BusinessExpertLouise

    A great debate vid…I would think that this is a hot topic all over the
    world at the moment, not just Australia.

  10. businessadvice

    City design is so important. Here in Hamburg it is very easy for us, even
    with 2 kids, to not have a car, and shop at local, non pulluting suppliers.
    But many places it’s not so easy, even in the ‘west’

  11. businesstvdavid

    Yep agree that we can’t just point the finger…we need to look at the way
    we behave and what we demand from places like China.

  12. Kristofer Scheid

    Love the video

  13. davetheredhead

    Makes you think about some of the things you buy and where they come from…

  14. businesstvgeorge

    I agree business dan, the thing is the western companys that invest heavily
    in the emerging nations dont take enough resposibility for the environment.

  15. BusinessExpertLouise

    I agree…china is big but they are not the only problem. A lot of money is
    produced in factories that don’t care a lot for the environment, only the
    profit. It is the responsibility of everyone to change this.

  16. BusinessExpertsNat

    Being environmentally conscious is an important issue that is everybodys

  17. tonedefh

    pollution is obviously a consequence of china becoming the worlds
    manufacturer, in the industrial revolution in the uk pollution was just a
    bad and there were plenty of dirty jobs with no OHS. From what i know the
    Chinese don’t care about their workforce but i hope the factories that are
    controlled overseas do have health standards like they do in nz and the uk.

  18. tonedefh

    ps. i think its amazing that the planet can cope with all the shit we give

  19. businesstvdavid

    Lots to think about here…

  20. businessexpertsjax

    Great points that everyone has mentioned.. I watched a video on the
    waterways in China on 60 minutes the other night.. did anyone else see it?
    I’d like to see a wind farm the size of New York!

  21. womannie

    This is a serious presentation about serious issues that kept me interested
    and left me feeling I want to know more

  22. nickolaswinder

    Raises significant questions with respect to business, and business will be
    the vehicle that is most likely to assist in creating a sustainable world.

  23. businesstvAmanda

    Do china really care?????

  24. TiTØ Ðë ĹïbërØ

    …i think the chinese can’t see this problem yet… coz they have to try
    hard opening they’re eyes “widely” …lol XD ..just kidding :p

  25. womannie

    [Comment from Facebook id: 571970910] massive issues


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