Business advice: Stefan Tornquist on Online Marketing

In this business tv show, online marketing expert Stefan Tornquist, Research Director at Marketing Sherpa, explains why he believes most businesses engaging in online marketing are trying to do too much:

“We try to do way too much in this online age because not only do we have all of our offline tactics, the things that we were doing 15 years ago direct mail and radio, television and so forth but now since the, I started with the internet about 1995, at the time banner ads were the breaking technology and since then I"ve lost count of how many new opportunities, new things to learn and understand and new ways of testing those things have come about and it"s the most common mistake I see is trying to incorporate too many of these new options at the same time because really what you"re much better of doing a few things very well.
Paid search marketing, email marketing or your natural search, these bowl works of marketing you"re much better of doing those well, testing them, getting to know them really having them be a point of expertise than you are spreading your resources too think.
I mean I think it, at least in the [United] States, it is the watch word for every marketing department is that they don"t have enough time. It"s not always a question of money it"s almost always a question of having the time to do things well."

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  1. James Kirk

    Always great advice from the guys at Marketing Sherpa. They’ve
    provisionally confirmed more interviews.

  2. businesstvAndie

    I always believe in the concept of “Less is More”, so I can’t help but
    agree with Stefan on this. Have one thing but one good thing for the world
    to see and appreciate.

  3. businesstvkelsi

    Great advice and I also really liked the frame the clip was put it, made it
    more effective than an ordinary internet interview.

  4. businessexpertsalli

    Stefan is quite correct when he says that people are time poor these days.
    There are so many developments happening in the area of marketing that is
    is nearly impossible to do everything and do it well.

  5. businessexpertandre

    This is commonplace in so many businesses and even specialist marketing
    companies make the same mistakes when working on others behalf. Liked the
    way the video was short, sharp and punchy.

  6. businesstvmark

    “You are much better off doing a few things well” – couldn’t agree more.

  7. BusinessExpertLouise

    Doing things well creates opportunity to extend your business…makes great

  8. businesstvdavid

    yep – good advice – spreading yourself too thin is an easy situation to get

  9. BusinessExpertsNat

    I totally agree with Stefan’s advice. Sometimes I feel like I sometimes
    take on too much of a workload and find I can’t complete the tasks
    efficiently, so I would definitely be better off taking on less and
    succeeding in those few things…

  10. enlargemedia

    It’s really tempting to start on a ton of projects knowing that all of them
    work well. You just have to pick and choose what’s best for you and your


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