Business Advice: The Next Wave of the Internet 5

Business television network yourBusinessChannel has sent reporters around the globe to find out about the latest wave sweeping the internet and the opportunities it presents. In our travels we meet and interview some of the top web experts in the world, and bring you the information you need to know about the next wave, and what it could bring for you.

Watch this business tv show, to hear about new opportunities for hosts to profit from Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWSoft, Gagan Prakash,COO of GroupSpark, Will Charnock, VP Technology, The Planet, , Aaron Phillips, VP Sales and Marketing,, Aaron Biddar, President, ControlScan, Bryan Gan, CEO, Comdev.

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  1. BusinessExpertLouise

    Some interesting ideas within this vid…and some very knowledgeable people

  2. businessadvice

    how much has this video come true!

  3. businessexpertsalli

    Some great tips for web designers.

  4. businesstvAndie

    Serguei’s accent is really interesting!

  5. businessexpertsmatt

    alot of this has come to pass.

  6. businesstvkelsi

    I reckon its prety cool!

  7. businesstvAmanda

    software as a service – sounds like major headaches if it acts like some
    builders i am dealing with

  8. businessexpertsjax

    Yeh it sure is…

  9. BusinessExpertLouise

    Interesting in what way?


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