Business advice to Wishfill which is a startup that wants to make your wishes come true

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In this video I present a very interesting start-up named Wishfill. The goal of this website is to help make everyone"s wish come true by giving them a platform to post their wishes, and then to have the community help them make their with come true. Plus, everyone on the site can help a wish come true by browsing wishes by other people.

My advice to this start-up is to get people to make a wish on your site by encouraging it. Then, after a person makes a wish, help them make a wish come true by letting them use social sharing to invite friends and family so that they can make that person"s wish come true.

Right now the process from the moment when I create a wish to having my wish come true is not smooth. And that has to get smoothed out so that people can begin to have their wishes come true!

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