Business Owner Advice: How do you respond to your Yelp reviews? (Jeff D.)


  1. K7PP Page

    We own a Vet Emergency Practice. People are already stressed out when they
    come in and just downright pizzed off. We save their pet and then we have
    the audacity to actually charge for our service even though they agree in
    writing to the terms of the service. Enter Yelp!! Even though we have hired
    the best Docs and staff and are up all night with their pet, we get a poor
    Yelp review. Can we respond? NO, we can’t. Medical records are protected by

  2. beebee11000

    Yelp is horrible site, business owners need to get together and sue, there
    is no way they should be making any money off of businesses that do not
    want thier image and name posted on thier site.

  3. tourismtim

    I love this!! Jeff’s engagement with a less than positive review, is a
    shining example for all tourism professionals on how to serve and engage
    with our clients. When you care, listen and are committed to service ( the
    foundation of the hospitality and travel industry) you can turn unhappy
    customers into huge advocates. Look for my review and tutorial on
    how to better use social media for tourism professionals on my Tourism
    Marketing TV channel.

  4. champthetrain

    Yelp is terrible! They filter all of our businesses good and great reviews
    immediatly and keep all the really negative and false reviews up. There is
    no reason why they have filtered all our good reviews from many of our
    happy cutomers. They say they have no control over it, but that is so wrong
    on so many levels!

  5. Nina Ebert

    I am very disappointed in Yelp. Someone from Yonkers, NY wrote a scathing
    review of my business, A Word’s Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching
    Service. I HAVE NEVER SERVICED ANYONE FROM YONKERS, NY. I insist on meeting
    my clients in person at my New Egypt, NJ office. This “Ben” never came to
    my office; I never wrote a resume or cover letter for him. I have flagged
    his review as inappropriate on several occassions. Yelp has refused to help.

  6. Nina Ebert

    @beebee11000 I am with you. I would LOVE to sue Yelp for its unfair and
    unethical business practices. Let’s get this party started!

  7. Adryenn Ashley

    have you checked out Yelp-Sucks? google it 🙂 A gathering place for pissed
    of business owners to congregate and figure out next steps in dealing with
    the yelp bully.

  8. Riley Jensen

    If you have been damaged by YELP – PRAY PSALMS 119 FOR THEIR DESTRUCTION!
    Say five times: “Archangel Gabriel destroy YELP Now!” YELP WILL BE BANKRUPT
    SOON! ALL PRAISE TO YHWH! The Righteous, Just and Almighty LORD of man and

  9. Romeo Savant

    Boost your customers positive reviews to the most prominent business review
    websites with MobileQReview,com.

  10. Caroline Dillingham

    Who is this guy? I want to read the reviews he wrote and study them. That
    guy is the man…just a good business owner doing his best. Bravo.

  11. BLouresproductions

    This is a great example of a business owner that understands reputation
    management. Business owners if you would like to be notified of your online
    reviews as they happen and an affordable tool to help you manage reviews
    across all of your review sites and much more: Check out Reputation

  12. Best Local Businesses In Sacramento CA

    Unfortunately negative reviews can’t be removed by the business that
    they’ve been written about. The next best option is to implement a strategy
    to contact each person that wrote the bad review and attempt to resolve the
    issue. Depending upon how many bad reviews you have to deal with, this may
    be a long and daunting task.

  13. Mr. Tommy Badger

    That is the amazing Jeff Diamond, owner of Farmstead Cheeses and Wines in
    Oakland, Calif.


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