Car Detailing Business Advice: Pressure Washer Vs Garden Hose?


  1. Joseph Dell'Aquila

    So true when I show up customer tells me where the water and electric is. Like you said offsite by all means water tank generator you need it. When I talk to customers same thing they never expect you to have your own water and electric ⚡️. Great video!

  2. Victor Sican

    I live in a apartment but I do the detailing in my garage. The thing is with these apartments they don’t have hose valve. No one has hoses. It’s hard to get water unless i keep getting buckets and buckets from my bath tub lol

  3. Tristan Wendt

    with my experience you are exactly right. Just got a pressure washer I love it but setting it up b4 hand is a hassle, a lot of turning off and on .Also customers dont care and do not expect u to bring ur own water and electricity source. i think it would be easier and more efficient if u have a pressure washer hooked up to a tank in ur van with a hose on a reel bolted down in the van

  4. andrew copeland

    Good post!

  5. Jeremy Ashley

    I’m thinking of starting up a detailing business. I am leaning towards using a waterless car wash like Ultima. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. couldntgivafuk

    It literally takes a minute to setup a pressure washer, even less if you run it from the back of your van with a 12m+ hose. Your videos feel like you’re just making excuses more than trying to give good productive advice. I feel sorry for the genuine people taking in what you’re spitting out, you’re more worried about promoting your “SEO guide” then teaching people how to properly detail. Tomorrows next video “should you use a chamois or a drying towel”… followed by “should you vac or just blow the car out with a leaf blower”. Keep them quality vids coming bro.

  7. zeroturbulence

    I bring my own hose and a contractor-grade nozzle that puts out plenty of pressure. That way I don’t have to worry about leaky or kink-prone client hoses and have plenty of pressure to knock off loose dirt. I do have a pressure washer but found that it actually makes washing vehicles more difficult because 1) the wand is real long so you have to have a lot of clearance around the vehicle, plus 2) the hose for my wand is only about 8 feet so I have to pick up the PW unit and move it to different locations as I go around the vehicle.

  8. IcE_waTer 95

    I have my mobile detailing van with water tank and pressure washer and it takes me 2 min to set everything. I know the foam cannon is unnecessary but I use it as a marketing skill and I have way more people come up to me and talk to me about what I do so I see it as an advantage

  9. SpringMtn Hiker

    My newest customer actually prefers that I don’t use a pressure washer. He said that we probably wouldn’t continue to do business if I did.

  10. Michael Hinchey

    I’m not a fan of pressure washers, however it does a better job cleaning the under carriage and wheel wells. In the long run, It also uses way less water than a garden hose only setup. An electric pressure washer is way less loud than gas so that is what I use.

  11. Junior Sandoval

    what Generator and water pressure do you recommend?

  12. wyn

    Hello. im planning to have a carwash business in my country. 
    my question the karcher k3 k4 k5 can be use for daily or 12 hours working hours
    as my main washer? hoping i can get responds from you thanks in advance.. 🙂

  13. Quincy Dolphin

    I use to do waterless car wash, but i bought a pressure washer due to customers wanting in there words a real car wash with a pressure washer

  14. wyn

    Hi need your help planning to buy a gas pressure washer for daily car wash business its a stationary car wash. do you think its a good idea or should i go to electric pressure washer? ang what is pros and cons for pressure washer for daily car wash business?

  15. Victor Hernandez

    Yeah I almost bought a pressure washer last week. But when thinking about it and especially after seeing the this video, I don’t really need it. Maybe if I do get one it will stay home so if they bring the car to my garage I can use it.

  16. Ryan Gilker

    Oscar, have you ever run into a vehicle that has heavy dirt mud or road salt on the paint? What would you do if the customer does not have water or if youre working in a business parking lot? Seems like in that one instance you’d need to bring more than a 5 gal bucket to do some kind of a prewash? How would you handle that?

  17. Paul Rhodes

    Really enjoying working through all of your videos bro! I like the professionalism you bring to your videos and the fact that your helping the new guy save time and money keep up the great work.


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