Cleaning A REALLY Dirty Interior! 6 HOUR Detail (Business Advice Talk) – Interior Car Detailing


  1. thewarzoneking

    Nasty as fuck

  2. Emmie Ana Ray

    So glad to see you’re not a judgmental prick, defending this woman to people calling her names. Good job! People just don’t get that when you have limited money, kids, so much to do cleaning the car falls pretty far down the priority list! Some people don’t have all the time in the world to keep their car pristine! My car is in pretty bad shape at the moment because I accidentally left my windows down during a storm, you can imagine the carpets got pretty disgusting. I’ve got it back to about 75% but still have more to go, but with kids and a life it can’t all be done at once! So I’m very glad you’re not here calling this poor woman a slob or whatever. Very professional, good business!

  3. Hunter Piasecki

    ayy Texans🤙

  4. Fes Y

    Dude. I hope you read this. No hate, you seem like a cool hard working guy, but you talk to damn much. I mean a lot.

  5. Austin Winters

    Nice work, this was down to earth


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