Contractors Must Pay Their Taxes – Business Advice Click on This Link to Learn How You Can Make More Money As a Building Contractor. I can"t tell you how many times I"ve ran into a contractor who hasn"t paid their taxes or owes back taxes. If you"re new to the construction industry or even an old timer, you should pay attention, because all of the money you make, won"t be yours to keep. You should open up a separate bank account or keep track of all the money you owe to the government and others.


  1. ernesto pulido

    Thank u im in the process of getting my licence

  2. 501contractortips .

    You’re welcome and don’t forget to get the book.

  3. Aisake Fifita

    Your vids are Gold!!!! Just subscribed to your channel and planning to
    watch all of em. Thankyou!!!!


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