Dragons Den: Theo Paphitis"s Golden Rules for Success

To coincide with the launch of their book, Dragons" Den: Success from Pitch to Profit, Theo Paphitis outlines his Golden Rules for business success.


  1. poizon5

    hoo i dont half luv theo iii if u no im can u ask im 2 say jack the pack
    attack mac wak i wont 2 luv u

  2. redwizard2k6

    well the thing is he probably wasnt given a script. It is strenuous in
    front of a camera and studio lights, I should know because I study
    multimedia and know all about it. He’s successful, so he can afford to say
    “eggs is eggs”. Oh another thing, HE’s DYSLEXIC

  3. Explosive Candy

    I love this guy

  4. kittenic44

    not replying am i? don’t worry, i know what it must be like to have
    somebody shatter your made up world. you need to get out the house more.
    That’s house. not palace, not harem or area 47.

  5. Steve Denton

    Wishy Washy and Mind-numbing. Its easy to drivel on when you are sit at the
    top of the tree. Narcissistic cock, im so great I am the best look at me.
    No, you look stupid Theo and what a crap video. Advice for the depression
    we are entering – buy a tin hat and sit on your hands and get pleasure in
    watching Theo go bust. Enjoy the ride

  6. Emilian Gega

    reasonbly important

  7. g57yle

    peaple slagging him off are wastemenz! what kind of tips were these peaple
    looking for??? if they cant even understand or should i say apreciate the
    fundementals of business!!! fucking nobz! his bin there and done it haVE
    YOU??? every rich person in the world has gotten in spired by another rich
    person, and has taken quality personality traits from them to ensure
    oppertunities come to them , change your self and attitude 1st!!!

  8. edward french

    Mr Paphitis…you are a good guy, man..when Beneton and Ghingis khan was
    laughing at the magic Pizza…you and that store owner John Lewis gave the
    guy a chance..I think you guys are great..Let me give you a tip..If you
    want anything from John Lewis he can get 10 percent off.

  9. 2006scottw

    say what u want about theo but his bank account speaks for itself

  10. DJKP (TD Records)

    Theo Is The Cash Daddy!

  11. Jimmy onethousand

    the people on here who a ,cannot spell and b, dislike theo are obviously
    imbeciles. yes he breaks stuff but if your going to invest 100k in a
    product would you just look at it and say “duh, its broke in my hands but i
    cant see a problem, here is the cash” get back to your shitty little life
    going down to the pub and working in macdonlds at the weekend. LEAVE HIM TO

  12. edward french

    @George19881988 Let me let you into a secret you WANKER, some people put
    things in to cause drama,and to get a response..that was to get a response
    a year ago…you trawling through comments a year ago to correct people is
    boring..are you related to Theo?…I think you are….you sad Cypriot cunt
    Now fuck off and leave me alone STAVROS

  13. B- Mask

    My gawd it’s like the godfather

  14. gamingmidget

    why are people hating on him, he bought a company for £1 and sold it for
    £130m. must know his stuff 😀

  15. MTCoblivsicas12345

    Theo makes sense always do your homework by this he means always conduct a
    business plan in detail about the aims of the business when starting up and
    how are you going to run the business and even if their is a market for
    your business. Nearly all enterpreneurs do business plans and if you dont
    then you most likley will fail. I been currently writing a business plan
    for my business which i am going to set up.

  16. farhannius

    the most important rule in business is rape. Raping people, men, women,
    dogs and cats has helped me to not only increase my net profits, but it’s
    also helped me grow as a person.

  17. mercylyn a

    how do i get cash when i dun hv cash nd want to start a busines??..i do not
    agree with “d cash is king” bit

  18. Jola Munaweera

    theo the man who will teach business to all theoretical business professors

  19. imranujjaman deep

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  20. Amir Sharifnia

    No guys, by cash he means its important that you dont waste it so that you
    can SUSTAIN your business…

  21. Puzzoozoo

    Looks like doing your ‘homework’ a common thread from all of them.

  22. Peacock Affect

    The last one sounds good

  23. japanvideophoto

    No advice or substance. All he gave was abstract and conceptual.

  24. Mike Anthony

    100% of the negative comments are from people who will never own successful
    businesses…because if they did they would not hate on a successful
    business person. Nor bother to leave a negative comment on youtube. Half
    the people are saying he is a Narcissist because he is rich yet spray
    complete vulgar filth from their mouths in envy….don’t worry that is just
    your Narcissism projecting. Enjoy the sidewalk where you belong. You can’t
    get rich from food stamps and negatively commenting on youtube.

  25. Dwight Harrison

    @BBCDragonsDen Dradons Den: Theo Paphitis’s Golden Rules for #business
    #success :


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