Elon Musk – Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure – Pearls of Advice.

An analysis of Elon Musk"s beliefs, work ethics, strategies. His attitude towards a product, consumers and criticism. His first principles approach to problems and tenacity is worth appreciating. However the highlight of his character is his attitude towards failure.

Thanks for your views guys. Here are my other videos about Elon Musk and his unique brand of courage.

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  1. HoosierHacker

    Thank you for making this compilation video. I’ve seen every video of elon.
    I’m starting my on business right now. Never give up guys. 

  2. Aspiring Runner

    I admire Elon Musk greatly and consider him one of my Hero’s. But
    DAMN..everytime i click on his videos i gotta turn up the damn volume. He
    has got to be one of the most soft spoken people in the world.

  3. Wemble Ton

    just know that if you follow elon’s advice, you will have no romantic life.
    he’s on his third divorce

  4. Andy Peterson

    his friends don’t tell him what’s wrong. omg I have friends that talk their
    throats horse ripping on me 0_o

  5. RideMyTruck

    I would gladly work for this guy for free. Musk is humanity’s only friend
    right now…

  6. shodanxx

    You’re not going to get twice as much done in 100 hours as you would in 50
    hours. If the work you’re doing is mentally challenging, you’ll get maybe 4
    to 6 hours a day of good productive work, the rest is basically wasted.

  7. David Hart

    I’m a huge Elon fan- have been for many years.
    As usual, excellent message, terrible delivery. lol

    Not much of a public speaker, but damn he’s brilliant, and a fantastic

  8. princeofexcess

    **One thoughtful warning** Everybody always says do what you like yet
    almost nobody will tell you this. You like what you are good at. You need
    to shape yourself into a person that is capable and afterwards everything
    you will do in your area of expertise will be at least somewhat enjoyable.

    Almost nobody is born liking higher math, or solving extremely difficult
    physics problems writing long novels or even playing an instrument.

    You start enjoying to play an instrument once you learn how to play it.

    A human that does not overcome struggles and failures would only enjoy
    instant gratification. Such as drugs and alcohol and eating and promiscuity.

    Americans are doing what they like and they are not successful they are
    obese and unhealthy

    **So bottom line is. Sure do what you like but first become capable** Test
    the waters in many things and go as deep as you can before you dismiss
    something and say you dont like it.

    Many people say i hate math. I dont know one person that is great at math
    and says that. They werent born being great at math, no matter who they

  9. Daniel Hood

    So you can either watch this YT video teaching you more about the nature of
    reality and entrepreneurship in < 14 mins, or pay tens of thousands of
    dollars towards an MBA, or go waste your money listening to charlatans like
    'Tony Robbins'. This should be the most watched video on entrepreneurship
    in history, but most will never find out about it, so spread wide and far.
    10/10 to the person who put this together, you've nailed it. I just hope
    young minds really learn from this guy and study the way he thinks and how
    he applies his mind to solving problems and inspiring generations to come.
    Immerse yourself with those who not only talk about ideas but actually
    follow through; the visonaries, the dreamers, the doers, the ones willing
    to to take the risks in life. America at its absolute greatest; "A nation
    of explorers. America IS the spirit of human exploration distilled!" For
    all the negativity about, America yet again has moulded one of the greatest
    innovators in history, that even the "Ancient Einsteins" the likes of
    Archimedes himself would be proud of. 

  10. Nicholas Kent

    *Elon Musk – Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure – Pearls of Advice*

    I could listen to him all day. Genius, innovator, futurist….

    #spacex #elonmusk

  11. Ramix09

    heelp! what does he say at 8:48 ?

  12. J.B. Odonkor

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  13. MeanderingMind

    INTJs (like Musk, Nikola Tesla, Zuckerberg) are the true world-changers,
    and are generally superior humans.

  14. crazycow2002

    Is it just irony that this video has a length of 13:37?

    Tell me it’s not.

  15. imhellag

    “Work hard, every hour.”

    Americans: “Ok fuck it. Guess we’re not being successful.”

  16. Matt Mikka

    HOLY SHIT lol..i talk just like him, i thought i was the only one, my mind
    processes much faster than my mouth can speak so i keep overlapping,
    rewinding and pausing words to shove them back into the queue,now i know
    why when i talk to the guys at Tesla they listen paitently, and i think to
    myself “why are they so patient with me and not getting frustrated” now i
    know why !.

  17. Pawel Swinarski

    He gives quite an insight on what does it mean to work hard and when is the
    best time to start a business. #starting_a_business 

  18. Danny Shipley

    #Elonmusk Pretty amazing. 

  19. Robin Lundgren

    Max volume on YouTube and in Windows, still barely able to hear :/

  20. Manish Kaushal

    An analysis of Elon Musk’s beliefs, work ethics, strategies. His attitude
    towards a product, consumers and criticism. His first principles approach
    to problems and tenacity is worth appreciating. However the highlight of
    his character is his attitude towards failure.

  21. John Evans

    Elon is a man of actions not words.This tells me that if you want to
    succeed you need to shut the hell up and actually do something.

  22. Marlon

    50 hours a week. 100 hours a week. he said you would achieve twice as much
    in a year.
    I disagree, surely you would have a decrease in productivity.
    there would have been studies on this. I wonder what the actual optimal
    level of work would be. off to google…. 

  23. Anthony Nandaa

    Elon Musk’s Pearls of Advice.

  24. Heleen Mills
  25. Stinky Puppy

    Work ethic is the number one thing, but what seems to be just as important
    is figuring out what to focus on. Working hard without a focus or vision
    wont get a person to Elon’s level. What separates Elon from the already
    hard working pack? How does one find that “focus that is high value to
    someone else”? Is a starting point answering your personal response to
    “finding the three areas that would benefit humanity?” like Elon did in


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