#EspressoMonday Nr.2 – Scaling Business, Graduate Advice, Transparency in Business

In this episode number 2 of our weekly Q&A show I talk about scaling and growing your business. I gave some advice to a recent web development graduate and I talk about being open and transparent with your client in business.


  1. Igor Ivanov

    That dude know what he talking about! Thx to hes advise i managed to make
    2k $ instead of 150$ in one deal! You rock my friend!

  2. Santiago Barrionuevo

    Good information! Great value although… background audio is annoying and
    makes difficult to pay attention.

  3. xerr0n

    when stumbling i.e getting a hit to your momentum, what do you use to get
    back up fast, do you listen to motivational videos/music, go out, workout
    or just take a walk to clear your mind?


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