Fashion Advice for Men : How to Dress Business Casual – Men


  1. Sonny Huynh

    hello i am morgan freedman 😀

  2. Hugo Pires

    The moment I saw a black guy wearing brown I knew I came to the wrong place.

  3. BTSdivision

    This guy look look & sound like a faggot & why the fuck his he wearing

  4. Oscar Niemeyer

    Chistoso el gordito

  5. InTACTProduction


  6. Domonic Ramos

    While a lot of you are clowning this guy about being gay, he is actually
    giving good advice and examples on how to dress for certain occasions. Just
    go out and actually try it. I’m not saying literally go to a club wearing a
    pink button down shirt, change the color.


    Great Stuff Man Ive done alot of different styles im now 27 and im getting
    old and i need to start looking more like an adult. I own a few $400 suits
    i have polos but looking for something new im a big man 330 6ft

  8. Meloniswatery

    Lol gay.

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  12. chimjw

    I need a business casual look for hot weather.

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  15. uncertainty principle

    his pullover is too small…


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