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  1. Luis Irish Jauregui

    How do you adjust the strategy questions for a business that has not yet started to operate? meaning a new business that is being built… they probably don’t know where their pain points will be or where they might need help..

  2. photo camera

    Chris have you seen gary_stranger on instagram? if not, he will blow your mind.

  3. The Bringer of Rain

    That was some sage level knowledge at the end. Thank you

  4. Sylvan

    Love this content. Helps a lot to get this special insight. And oh yeah, gang signs are kinda cool when he does it

  5. Vivek Yadav

    Since the girls weren’t around today, so i actually noticed Aaron.

    Hey Aaron, if you ever see this, you are goddamn good looking. The world needs to *hand*-le you better!! “if you know what i mean” 😉

    P.S. i am not hitting on Aaron, just appreciating what is.

  6. Zahirul Islam Mamoon


  7. Rahul Darekar

    so spec work is student work?

  8. finkdaz

    Pure gold, Mr Do is on point!

  9. Keshna Donia

    I feel like I’m getting more value here than I did in my years in college 🤔. I can lean more here than going to grad school.

  10. Melinda Livsey

    Yay for deep dives! Great episode.

  11. Yeogi Buteora

    I appreciate you guys.

  12. Mostafa A.

    This video is gold!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it for free 🙂

  13. Angélica Ibarra

    Loved this, actually very useful information, very clear, very direct. 🙂

  14. Rob Rodriguez

    Great video! Learned a lot.

  15. Tony CL

    I’ve been getting emails from the competition posing as clients and asking me about my rates and general stuff about my work, once I find out who they are I don’t reply but I was wondering “what would thefutur guys do?”… would you ignore them or what kind of reply would you send back to them?


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