Growing Pains and Crappy Advice? Small Business Owner

Growing Pains and Crappy Advice? LANDSCAPE Advice


  1. Chris Davidson

    Hey Keith!

  2. Hollier and Son Lawn Care

    So, I’m not the only one.

  3. pep72000

    So true

  4. pep72000

    Revolver is the MOVIE OF ALL MOVIES…..PERIOD…EVERYONE should go watch
    it..YouTube took it down..but there are still clips of it out there tho…

  5. pep72000

    No pain no gain…simple

  6. B&M Lawn Care

    keep em rolling Kalf not getting to watch a lot lately people are already
    dropping out in this heat as usual getting busier. I love the videos and
    energy bro, the system is all CON’s lol all pitted and designed against us.
    Before I left 1st welding job I worked 100+hrs a week 7 days a week
    9-10mths out of the year man know the pain

  7. Hayden White

    Hey Keith, I aint no millionaire… Please dont take this the wrong way,
    just offering my advice/opinion… But i believe one thing that will push
    your business to the next level, and give you a better quality life; is
    through the art of delegation. Henry Ford is one of the best examples… In
    my opinion you should be removing yourself from more and more operations,
    and filling the void with workers, allowing you to focus on the bigger
    picture of where you want the business to be. Easier said then done, but
    all the best mate! Your determination and work ethic will bring you much
    success 🙂 Cheers, Hayden


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