Homeowners Who Ask Contractors to Many Questions – Construction Tips and Business Advice


  1. softcellelectrical

    I am extremely professional, but I will not provide references due to
    privacy and I will not tolerate a potential client that is intentionally
    difficult. If they’re like that at the start, there going to be a giant
    pain the entire project, and your profits quickly vaporize. If asked, I
    give them a photocopy of my current contractors license and leave it at
    that. Sometimes I refer them to my YouTube channel, but I have no patience
    for tedious trivial people.

  2. 501contractortips .

    You’ve got a good point and I pretty much operated that way also. I could
    tell who’s going to be a pain in the butt and who wasn’t most of the time
    by talking to them over the phone. Anyway, we’ve got to do what works best
    for us, while sorting through the information that works for others.


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