How to get a Music Manager – Music Business Advice

In this ‘How 2 Music" video I talk about the steps you can take to find a music manager or management company to manage your music career. I discuss whether you are ready for music management, what you can do to make yourself more appealing to potential managers so that you can increase your chances of finding a suitable one to help nurture your talent and develop your music career.

I have created a ‘Music Management Ready Check List" which will help you get on the right track to both getting management but also better gigs, festivals and headliner slots. You can find it here

I talk about my own experience of being managed by an independent manager and also how I got signed to my current management company and the story behind that.
I hope that this will give some help to those of you who are in an aspiring band or solo act who are trying to forge a career in music. It is a long path but us musicians need to stick together and help each other out.

Now that I have some experience of this I wanted to share my knowledge and help other musicians like me!

Here are some of my music links which you may find helpful:

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Other useful links that I mention:
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  1. Chelsea Bailey

    Thanks so much for the advice!

  2. James Acosta

    Hey my name is James I am a new recording artist musician whatever you
    would like to call it and I checked out your video on how to get a manager
    but I had some further questions so if you could maybe email me that would
    be great James [email protected]


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