How to Run a Successful Small Business, Part 1


  1. kasey7638

    Thank you, Brian, very informative.

  2. P.T Evans

    Very educational

  3. Troden Company

    Um, nice green screen dude… Nearly impossible to get that sound quality
    with no background noise of maybe, the wind in that willow tree , also, ur
    standing halfway into a band stage -.-

  4. Angkor Driver

    you are is good idea in the world 

  5. Adam Cox (Creatura)

    Great tips. Thanks for the effort.

  6. Josh Buchfink

    this is my first time watching you. I am going to subscribe and listen to
    your every word! thank you so much for putting something like this up!

  7. Chris Banzet

    I’m trying to pay attention to the message, but I’m still stuck on the fact
    that you said you were on the porch of a vineyard, and as an editor of
    photography and video, I can definitely tell that you are in a controlled
    room and used a filter screen and then transposed the backdrop later…
    Also, for FYI, your body size ratio to the backdrop is off… ;)

  8. valsmen

    Good day Sir. Brian Silverthorn i would like to ask if a water station
    business is a good business to start or a hamburger franchise store and
    where is the best place to put up this businesses in urban or rural area? i
    will wait for ur reply sir thank u very much 

  9. Taj Smith

    @ Trodan Company
    Dick -_-

  10. baraa abudawod

    Great Tips Brian…I’m currently starting my own business in Saudi Arabia,
    and your videos will absolutely play an important role in the success of my
    business.Now I know the areas I need to work on and how to properly manage
    my business. Thank you! 

  11. Best Local Businesses In

    Brian stated that he believes the keys to starting and growing a successful
    business are fundamentally broken down into Efficient Operations,
    Increasing Profits, Growth, and Quick Response To The Market. In my
    opinion, I think that he’s pointing out the fact that you must engineer
    systems for your business before you start it. Not to take away from what
    Brian is teaching you, but another business expert that you should check
    out is Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad series because he goes into extreme
    detail about business systems. You could combine Robert’s teachings with
    that of Brian.

  12. Quit Work Club

    Thant’s an excellent quote! Best wishes towards your future development

  13. VasTV

    Thank you Brian…for the advise on small business. SUBSCRIBE for
    SUBSCRIBE. Thanks.

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  15. Ronald Cheserek

    Very informative

  16. rjravaz

    I’m thinking about opening a business, but I’m a little nervous about the
    books. I have heard for a small fee I could have a company do this for me,
    does anyone one have any thoughts on this? Thanks for any advise.

  17. Patricia Justice

    In the first few years, when I’m just struggling to get by (I’m still
    working a full-time job), do I need a CPA, and if not, what do I need to do
    /how do I keep up best with expense receipts etc. ?

  18. Ciryl Lyrics

    Great video

  19. Athman Adiseshan

    ok so you’ve run 1, can ig et a case stuy of what fuels worldwide business
    csccess period i’m a big business not a small business guy?

  20. Verse Monct

    Thank you for sharing this Mr BrianSilverthorn. We do agree that employee’s
    always the number one. Now there’s something I’ll like to know from your
    perspective: Do you think that it is better to be paying our employee a
    monthly fixed salary or to give them incentives/commission by percentage in
    driving them to work for a common goal?

  21. Penelope416

    Brian… you’re awesome. Thank you for providing the value that you do!

  22. young mexican

    Hey Brian, I have a couple questions….First, would you recommend to work
    at the small business before you even think of investing or a buy out¿
    Second and Finally, What are the flaws and gains in running a successful
    small business¿ Thanks….

  23. Ultra Clean Up Services JG Service Company

    Hi Sir, i have no idea how i come a cross this great video!
    i already share this blessing to my colleagues.
    Thank you! God Bless….

  24. Sharmarke Abdinoor

    Thank you Brain, your presentation motivates me to run my own business in
    the near future back home!

  25. Jay Bach

    Your video title is misleading. “How to run a small business” Where?

    I searched for this in Canada wanting results that are applicable to
    Canadians. I had to watch up to 1:40 to find out you are giving information
    for Americans. Sure our business structures are similar but they definitely
    are not the same.

    I am flagging you for providing a misleading video title and wasting my

  26. Adam Hanewald

    lets get started after 2 mins wasting so much time for unimportant infos

  27. Hilda kevins

    Brian thank-you because am young lady who wants to start my own small

  28. Hamdan alalkeem

    it is so helpful :)

  29. Online Services

    Hi Brian, the perfect video at the right time as I am in the process of
    setting up a small business, but it is online.

  30. Artist Chic

    Opportunity lets you put your foot inside the door of success, but it
    doesn’t break the door down for you.

  31. Adrian Perez

    he says business at least 500 times

  32. Big Boi Theo

    Great video very useful information 🙂 please keep up the amazing videos :)

  33. Mike Keltie

    Great advice – much appreciated Brian !


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