How to start a Small Business with no Money and Bad Credit?


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  4. Decha Phopaisri

    Take to rich and financial freedom. I talk to myself, yes I can

  5. Lesther Ruiz LIVE

    haha This comments made my day when I see a bunch of idiots, making jokes,
    and pretending to be smart about direct selling or marketing. hahaha This
    is the greatest business opportunity you will ever find.. But then again
    not everyone was meant to be financially independent we still need the
    other type, like the ones commenting on this video saying is not good..

  6. Tim Halloran

    I have done MLM in the past and it’s not an ‘easy’ path to riches although
    it’s a way of leveraging your time and efforts through a ‘team’ of people.
    Anything which allows you to step out of the time for money equation will

  7. keygoshima

    Sure a 7.00 free trail period seems nice, but a monthly 116 dollar monthly
    recurring fee is not something I can afford. I am barely making it by right
    now. Let me give you an example of how well I am doing for myself being
    homeless and going bankrupt is starting to have more and more of an appeal
    to me, than to have to worry day in and day out if I want to live a poor
    life or not, if I want to pay bills or eat once a day. I guess it’s true, I
    have tried a lot of these types of programs over the years and they all end
    up the same way and I quote ” to make money, you have to spend money.” See
    they all talk a great game, but I am starting to wonder if they really
    understand what it mean’s to have nothing.

  8. John Truid

    The majority of people will never make a meaningful amount of money from
    MLM. MLM = FAIL 99% of the time.

  9. Sirius Jones

    Sounds fine on paper, but MLM in the long term won’t work. Try a real brick
    and mortar business

  10. Joachim Edras

    Good idea


    I hope one and all caught that! that’s pretty significant. I dare say if we
    all heard someone say and actually do that (which in effect is bailing you
    out if shit hits all kinds of fans) more people would be willing to try
    some stuff they always wanted. But here in america, if you fuck up and
    lose, it’s sometime (most times) worse than being in a third world country
    since in said third world country, people are more likely to give someone
    food on the street or let them climb a tree to pick the fruit off it and
    eat. Do that here and you’ll get arrested at best and shot dead at worst.

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  14. serpico Flow

    Bull s#¥● what are you talking about ?

  15. D.E. Brown

    Bullshit! This advise is for people who already have a pile of money.
    Thanks for wasting 11 minutes of my time.

  16. Thousand Nations 1 Soul

    ok wish me luch for my fall launch

  17. Sublime Music Channel

    You have to admire Judy Jackson not caring how many people consider her an
    asshole for posting this video under a misleading title. Kudos to her!

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    I like this video. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Anthony Stone

    I am going in with two other guys in a small business. I have good credit
    but not much money. My credit union can’t lend me the amount I’m looking
    for. What if I can’t get a co-signer? Then what our my options?


    I felt like this guy was going to try to get me to join the Dharma
    Initiative, and try to get me to go to the island.

  21. Bobbin

    fuck you

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  23. Eleia Roddy

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  27. Abdulrahman M.

    Misleading title.

  28. Financial Power

    Total waste of time and misleading title..


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