Jonathan Pfahl Interview: The Story of Rockstar Hubs & Business Advice | RichTopia 2015

Don"t miss this video! It"s a must-watch for entrepreneurs, startups, managers,, executives, and investors.

Derin Cag (Founder and CEO of speaks with Jonathan Pfahl (Founder & Managing Director of the Rockstar Group).

Topics covered include Rockstar Hubs, British & Chinese business-relations, David Cameron, Goldman Sachs, mentorship, coworking, funding for startups. incubators, entrepreneurship, economics, and more.

Jonathan Pfahl speaks about his entrepreneurial history and the factors that brought him to where he is today, including how he founded Rockstar Hubs, and some of the challenges he faced in his journey. Pfahl provides exclusive advice, revealing business strategies that have worked for him and his billionaire mentors throughout the years, including the cost of mistakes.

The business principles discussed in this video not only apply for people in London, UK; they"re effective Worldwide.

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