Kobe Bryant’s Best Advice: Be You With No Gimmicks

July 22 (Bloomberg) — Kobe Bryant speaks with Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman about his upcoming Showtime documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse.” Bryant also discusses his plans beyond basketball and the process of building “Kobe Inc.”

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  1. Quanny Nguyen

    my idol.

  2. Mac Hill
  3. Nicholas Hale

    “for me it was just a great orgnization. Jinnie and Jamie taking care of
    their athletes” From the man himself, there is no such thing as loyalty,
    there’s only a such thing as how good your GM is. and when your president
    (riley) offers you dwade for 14 mil (pre-lebron back to cavs), bosh for 12
    mil, and shabazz napier, well, anyone in their right mind would go to the

  4. nyckid10

    Damn. Kobe using words like “osmosis” haha. 

  5. boxertest

    … after using your youth to be a star athlete I have to believe that you
    Kobe have to have a plan to grow your wealth and provide for your family
    generations from now… you better not turn out like Tyson and by that I
    mean BROKE!!! 

  6. alejandrothefader

    this man is one of the 5, arguably 2 greatest persons to touch a basketball
    because of this attitude he shows and explains in this video… ask, learn,
    work hard, understand, control, adapt, master… after becoming a massive
    icon in his craft, he is already planning his next big thing in his life,
    and at the same time, using that mentality in basketbal in hopes of
    furthering his legacy in these two final years… the man is a do-er and he
    will most likely experience success in his bussiness too!

  7. Kobe Bryant Collection


  8. Dave Dancis

    is it just me or is Kobe getting as dark as Michael Jordan

  9. jon sanchez

    This is the side that nobody knows about, which is why he is also my
    inspiration outside of basketball.

  10. IsaacH1273

    Aside from being the best player over the last 15 years, Kobe Bryant is
    also a fascinating person.

  11. matde100

    man this guy is the GOAT. Hard work equals success and there are no
    shortcuts. Kobe is living proof that if you work the hardest you will
    become the best.

  12. Mickey

    He is smart and very articulate like #MichaelJordan … this man is my
    basketball hero.

  13. LiqCharles

    very articulate, not as charismatic as MJ.

  14. thor master

    Boxertest what are you saying dude

  15. Naviii R

    it hurt kobe’s heart to tell that lie at the end of the vid


    Sory, what it means gimmicks in spanish?, thanks

  17. Dax C

    Your alrite kobe, an excellent player no doubt. But pls dont compare urself
    to MJ #23. U may have scored more points but attempted half more. Even
    mocking #23 with changing urs to #24. MJ made his teammates a proper
    ballplayers, u made ur teammates noobies because of ur selfishness. 

  18. Kobe

    Kobe is the pinnacle of a work ethic, and I respect him a lot hence my
    name. But he’s not my idol. Idol literally means something you worship.
    Think about the words you say people

  19. Jake Selkirk

    This is my favorite side I’ve ever seen of Kobe. Curious… No monotonous
    post game questions. Good.


    Check out this video on YouTube:

  21. kisswriters

    How many top-flight American athletes even know who Arianna Huffington is?
    … in the 90s, she was a deplorable person … a fresh-off-the-boat
    immigrant with a hideous Greek accent (that sounds Eastern European), who
    performed this kind of conservative shtick on Sunday morning political talk
    shows … imagine an immigrant railing against America’s immigration
    policies, that the laws were too lenient … total reaction formation …
    20 years later, she’s remade herself into a likable media personality … 

  22. fresh15flip

    LeBitch doesnt have that any connections all he has is Rick Ross, Kanye and
    every ignant people

  23. cflo1386

    Am I the only one who wants to punch this interviewer?

  24. Gabriel Lopez

    i’m more impressed by how he handled the lebron question….. i would have
    been like, “dude, we were just talking about my next steps in life and how
    i’m handling my future goals. WTF does lebron going to Cleveland have to do

    anyway, what a piece of sh*t question that was from the interviewer. 

  25. Meg Doyle

    LOL this advice from Kobe is hypocritical, considering he himself is a
    master executor of gimmicks. Example: he says no gimmicks, then he went on
    to play the fence on the last question. ‘Play the fence’ is euphemism for


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