Lawn Care Business Advice – December Call


  1. Jonathan Pototschnik

    From Jonathan… half this video my computer screen what on a website
    called Shoe Box Blog. It was suppose to be on Shoe Boxed. I have no idea
    what Shoe Box Blog is… I was referring to Shoe Boxed.

  2. EuroYard

    One of the best advice with tips ever. This upload can save you at least
    three years of screwing around, trying to figure it out the hard way.
    Thanks so much Jonathan.

  3. mrsanteeclause

    This video was a big help, and so was a lot of your other videos. You hit
    on a lot of topics. Thanks so much for you interest in helping others in
    this industry. You inspire many people to strive to make the business
    better for them and their customers. I can’t wait for another!!!

  4. hoffmanslawncare

    Thanks so much great stuff as always

  5. Alex Herrold

    Thanks for this video… Helped me out!


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