Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan

June 14 (Bloomberg) — Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economy and starting a business with Trish Regan at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. Brogan Maclean

    ”99% of small businesses can start with next to no capital”, are you
    fucking kidding me?? Clearly this guy himself is a Moron and has way too
    high of a platform to actually impart productive advice to people. 99% of
    small businesses aren’t paper crafts that are sold around the neighborhood.
    He obviously doesn’t see that he was very lucky to earn big on his initial
    businesses that lead him to where he is today. He’s also very corrupt and
    has been caught using his wealth to do insider trading in the past. Effort,
    wit and stamina doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful at your venture
    and this idiot should know that. Like many other people that believe in Ayn
    Rand’s philosophy; this guy’s blaming the person entirely and not the
    environment around them. bahhhhh!!! 

  2. USA Clan

    I guess I’m a moron for taking a 15 thousand dollar loan and turning into
    to a 6 digit business 

  3. Esteban Rincon

    Is there a law against: 1. Making a prototype, putting it up on eBay, then
    stopping the sale, to see how much someone will pay for it 2. Take orders,
    after successfully advertising it 3. Manufacture it 4. Use Paypal, or
    rented retail space to accept payment 5. Put that shit in your bank
    account? Really? 

  4. jwpolar

    Mark Cuban started his first bar business on a $15,000 loan.

  5. Tunahan Yilmaz

    My dad got a $700,000 dollar loan and started his business. Today, 10 years
    later, our profits are great and we have about 200,000 to pay off. That was
    honestly such a dumb thing to say “If you get a loan you’re a moron” wtf?!
    Most small businesses start with a loan and if it doesn’t then it was
    either passed down or you just grew up in a rich family and didn’t need a
    loan. He also said ”99% of small businesses can start with next to no
    capital”. What?!?! This guy might be billionaire but he sounds like a
    fucking idiot.

  6. V Rattai

    This guy is an idiot…first by calling anyone who holds even a small loan
    an idiot he presents himself as a judgmental prick.
    We started our business with equity pulled from our land and some credit
    card funding and have never looked back. After 5 years we are making it,
    have reinvested another $200k in the business and plan to pay off all
    loans/debts in the next 5 years. Perhaps his daddy left him some money or
    he worked hard and saved up before starting his own business but that is
    not always an option and he should have figured out that there are many
    different ways to get things rolling and open up his narrow little mind.
    Some businesses require tools and equipment or raw materials, and there is
    no way around some $$ for start up. 

  7. kilaz lesliet

    1 thing I realized in life. The poor complain and complain. Rich take
    actions. period. 

  8. Richard Alpert

    Mark Cuban just admitted that he´s a moron. He started his first business
    on loan.

  9. richard Moore

    National merchant network family, this is why a bussiness with a hefty
    price tag may not be worth it. On the other hand our business opportunity
    is one of the best in the world, because it is low cost enough to be
    valuble but not so much to where you have to go into debt to accomplish
    your dreams. The time is now to make a change when the market is wet!!!!!!

  10. B Hirsch

    I would have to agree with most of the comments about Mark Cuban. I will
    put it nicely and say he is out of touch with the average person. As for
    I have $20K in cash. I want to buy a car wash and I have been in the
    automotive industry in different capacities since 1994 so I know the
    business. Currently I make $8.75 an hour in order to survive but I am debt
    free. Where can I obtain capital to buy that car wash?

  11. southerncapo85

    Real quick for all the slower individuals out there. A loan and an
    investment are two different things. A loan is something you get from a
    bank or a person that you have to pay back no matter what. An investment is
    money they put into your business and only get a return if the business
    succeeds. This is what he is referring to. Investments are not bad but
    taking out loans are because if you don’t succeed you are still in the hole
    for a large amount.

  12. Evan Hardin

    I know this guy is a billionaire and were supposed to listen to his advice
    but I don’t agree with anything he says in this vid. You obviously don’t
    want to get a loan if you don’t think you need one but if you want to
    spearhead a new business get it up and running now (who doesn’t) and you
    believe that you will be providing a massive value to society and you have
    a plan to pay it off, then yeah, go ahead and get a loan. 

  13. Gabriel Hill

    Business isn’t can’t start with no money. I have to put my
    business plan together and look for partners that are going to provide the
    strength to push through and also have a long term vision with me and say
    hey..this is where we are now..this is what we have to offer for this type
    of person and why. What does the company stand for is another thing. There
    is a lot to it which I won’t even get into because it would take too
    long..but I am looking to get funded by investors. Mark can say this..but
    business is risky..and without risk it’s basically saying no to yourself.
    You need to at least give it your best shot.

  14. boojiemonster

    Professional douchebag.

  15. AllisterCooper2008

    You’d want to invest in things that people can’t do without. Water and
    cemeteries… pretty safe bets. – Mr Brooks. 

  16. AllisterCooper2008

    No, you’re not a moron if you get a loan. SE Asia’s richest man, Li Ka
    Shing, got started on a loan! You need to have the balls and the brains to
    build and pay back the loan. That’s all. There is no fixed rule for
    everyone as each person succeeds in his or her own way. As Vin Diesel said
    in the first Fast and Furious film: It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch
    or a mile. Winning’s winning!

  17. xpto41

    I think he started the bussiness with a loan , I dont know if it was from a
    friend or a bank but it´s loaned money I guess… Btw, there are many ppl
    who start their bussiness with loans. The unique problem is if the
    bussiness wont go well and because of that the people have to pay taxes to
    th bank

  18. Doug Ryan

    I’m pretty sure Mark started his business with a loan

  19. StoneBlueAirlines

    No loans but it’s hard work and planning. It can be done. 

  20. SuperStuey2

    $5000 totally changes my situation..I’m 60yr old on SS
    Daniel A. Nardello
    4312 49th St
    San Diego,CA 92115
    Thank You

  21. Elliot Stowe

    He sounds like a guy that became successful but doesn’t wanna see the next
    guy win. His business is secure so he gives shitty advice so no one else
    with be successful as him. Piece of shit 

  22. vogelszijnlelijk

    Obviously depends on your business. If you have high volatility in earnings
    equity financing is better. If you expect to have a stable income taking on
    a loan is probably cheaper.

    Cuban really is retarded though, what a fucking moron, can’t stand the guy.

  23. Justin Peyton

    your seriously callin mark a moron? i know his name, he is a billionaire,
    with a B not a M and your at a what? thats not smart, it DOES NOT take
    money to make money, that saying is so bogus and out of line, have you ever
    heard of a success story about where somebody was homeless or a bum and
    went from rags to riches or homeless to a apartment? those are real success
    storys you tell me how a broke homeless person went from broke to riches or
    broke bum to a $400 a month apartment? it clearly doesnt take money to make
    money, that is one of the glass ceilings i talk about putting on your life
    you will not go on and do great things if you think “i need money to make
    money but i dont have any so i might as well not do it” “i might as well
    not live my dreams bc i dont have any money and never will” people dont
    under stand when you have a fire desire for change when you hit bottom and
    cant stand where your at in life all it takes is 10 seconds to change you
    life, the decision is that fast and once you make that decision you will
    attract the people and the things you need into your life as you go to make
    it happen, personally me without forcing the subject onto somebody its
    important to have God in your life, i was homeless but had family to feed
    me, 36 months ago i couldnt support myself for a week, 3 years later i can
    provide for 4 people have a house and a paid off car and have taught tons
    to do the same, the bad part most are scared of is the big W, meaning Work

  24. Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More

    Yeah don’t try to get a loan…use all your money so if you go bankrupt you
    can lose everything…great advice Goofball. Cuban also says that Google
    is dead and is insignificant these days. Any advice I notice that he gives
    is to mislead…he’s a person who can’t give credit or wants to see someone
    else succeed if he’s not included.


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