Mark Cuban"s 12 Rules for Startups

The billionaire tech entrepreneur offers his best advice from hiring passionate employees to never hiring a PR firm. Read more at:

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  1. PiromancerFreak

    Mark Cuban is definitely one of the coolest Entrepreneurs out there!

  2. CityOf Angels

    1 rule of start ups = be a luciferian Jew
    2 to 12 the rule of start ups = be a luciferian Jew

  3. Milo Bozovich

    Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for #Startups

  4. Marcus Jackson

    Having an exit strategy seems very logical. Fighter pilots are highly
    skilled and focused tacticians but every one of them has an ejector seat at
    there disposal.

    The head is over the heart for a reason.

  5. todayican

    Lots of value for me, thanks!

  6. Allan Alva

    This guy makes too much sense! awesome tips!

  7. Madhusudan Dadhich

    That’s awesome :)

  8. Jean Carlos London

    Check out this video on YouTube: Rules that Entrepreneurs should follow

  9. ThePsychology2010

    Can someone elaborate on #11? Thanks!

  10. Xueyin Chen

    I am going to run a small business this year. The 12 rules are good for me
    to startup my business.

  11. ItsMyTime

    Great good to know from living legendary, Yes for me Mark is

  12. Richie Williams

    Hire me mark a real go getter

  13. Keith's Life On Video

    What does the 10th rule mean?

  14. Marcello Scarlato
  15. Tsrif Tsal

    The title should be edited to read: “Mark Cuban’s 12 rules of a startup
    that you should follow, but not him.”

  16. Nicolas A. Guerrero L.
  17. chey.resourceaffiliate

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  18. Carlo Rodrigues
  19. Yair Carreno
  20. Ebru Bee
  21. Margaret Brito
  22. Eagle 1.0

    No private offices? Articles have been written against the idea of open
    offices as a productivity stopper. How effective is the open office?

  23. Dominique Thoma
  24. Jacqueline Kovacs

    Wow! I am impressed with no. 12. Not because it is a bad thing is because
    Mark does not come across as a niece thoughtful person or as a motivator.
    Never be misled of what you see in TV. Good job Mark, I believe strongly
    in motivating the people that makes things happen.

  25. iConcepts Marketing

    Mark Cuban makes it look easy! These tips are simple, yet effective!


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