Men"s Leather Briefcases – Difference Between Casual & Dress Business Briefcase – Leather Bag Advice


  1. Robin F

    Great video as always! really appreciate the videos 🙂

  2. MrIcantseemyfeet

    great Video mister. i found u and subbed, right after seeing this !I’m from
    GER and we dont have role models like u,keep up the great work.

  3. SquarishLink

    i like my purse

  4. Dake Townsend

    where do i go to enter the contest again? love this video btw!

  5. Real Men Real Style

    @thedaver8 We haven’t opened it yet but you will have to be on our email
    list to win – if you’re geting Weds update from me you’re on it – if in
    doubt – sign up again and then delete if double emails arrive:)

  6. Real Men Real Style

    @italogross Thank You Sir!

  7. Real Men Real Style

    @SirBlade666 Let me give this some thought and perhaps it’ll be the subject
    of a later vid as well.

  8. Real Men Real Style

    @MrIcantseemyfeet I’m sure there are someout there – we just have to get
    them on YouTube!

  9. Real Men Real Style

    @alex43111 I’ll answer in video 100 🙂

  10. Real Men Real Style

    @MrFrostglow Thank you sir!

  11. Jonathan Seabolt

    Seems that the audio is off?

  12. Antonio Centeno

    @jnseabolt I thought it might be – we have to sync it manually – oh well,
    it does the job!

  13. Antonio Centeno

    @samm605 I need to put a sign in the studio!

  14. Nick Rosaci

    When it comes to color, do you need to match the case to the leather you’re
    wearing (shoes, belt, etc.)?

  15. Real Men Real Style

    @omega160675 Of course sir – thank you for adding to the conversation!

  16. Real Men Real Style

    @bopeuph It’s nice, but not manditory. I like to keep them close though and
    if all your shoes are black you should then strongly consider black or a
    dark color.

  17. LedSatriani

    I love how I was looking for a Dethklok song called Briefcase Full of Guts
    and this is the third video that shows up in the results.

  18. Yasier Mahayudin

    How do I Get to be on your email list?

  19. Robb MG

    I still do not understand that lapel… :-D

  20. Nick Doddle

    When taking prepared lunch to the office and going to the gym after office,
    it isn’t easy these days. I do not want to cram an expensive leather case
    into the steel locker. It probably wouldn’t fit anyway. And I can’t leave
    it in the car either, since I don’t have a car.
    So, the backpack is the most practical bag, and good for the back as well.

  21. Forrest Gee

    Ruggedness does not look less dressy to me, in my opinion the saddleback is
    a dressier bag in it’s simplicity and style besides it color.

  22. Daizo Shikama

    whats the story how come there ain’t no briefcases no more? they make us
    use laptops & tablets, what do you know dad that u aint tellin us?

  23. Rhea pucharr

    hi , can you provide me your email id…
    want to talk about your blogs realattd to leather briefcase bags.


    what is the best bag for university students?

  25. howtoplanaparty

    “the build” should be a gerund. “the buildin”+

  26. tom bruton

    you do know your pocket square clashes with your shirt and tie?

  27. Markus Iesonmann

    Disagree. Saddleback leather is used by many lawyers & senior business
    people. It’s a timeless classic design that covers the field for both
    business & travel. Besides it looks manly & hip & who would spend almost
    $1000 on a bag that can’t double as a traveller. Your posh bag can’t & it’s
    worth even more than the saddle back bag!

  28. TD F

    Hi Antonio! Great videos!

    what do you think of men clutch bags? too female? not practical?

    thanks man!

  29. Genki Matsumura

    Whats up with that lapel?

  30. Real Men Real Style

    +Yasir Mahayudin Here you go:

  31. Andréas Remis Vegan Lifestyle

    Really enjoyed the video. Could not find any solid information about
    briefcases until this video! I am going to get a black briefcase, as it
    appears to be most interchangeable across settings.

  32. Geek To Me

    I agree there are dress briefcases and there are causal briefcases, but I
    also think there are shades in-between. It’s sorta like watches: you have
    the dress watch at one extreme and you have the field watch at the other,
    but in-between you have diver’s watches, chronometers, and pilot’s watches.
    While a dress watch is best worn with a business suit, you could also pull
    off wearing a diver’s watch. Similarly, I see the Saddleback Leather
    briefcases as being like diver’s watches. Tough. Rugged. Handsome.
    Definitely not a sissy “dress” briefcase. But just as you could wear a
    diver’s watch in a suit or in a tee-shirt, I think you can pull off
    carrying most Saddleback Leather briefcases with a suit or with causal

    I am a trial lawyer and, while I’m no Saddleback Leather fanboi, Saddleback
    Leather owners have this weird espirit de corps. I can spot another
    Saddleback Leather product a mile away. Multiple times I have carried my
    Saddleback Leather briefcase to court only to find the other lawyer also
    carrying a Saddleback Leather briefcase. And I have taken it to the airport
    dressed rather casually and interacted with other casually dressed
    travelers carrying a Saddleback Leather briefcase. So while I admit that
    the Saddleback Leather is not a dress briefcase per se, I believe that it
    is appropriate to carry in a formal or casual setting. It is a versatile

  33. ItsRud1

    i love your videos Antonio. But if you live in Wisconsin. Then check out
    Mitchell Leather Briefcases. Close to $2000.00 they will blow the doors out
    of Saddleback and William Scott and anything else

  34. Ch. Gichana

    Is it you or the bags? Let us see the bags !

  35. Dog Food

    Could you please give me your opinion on aluminum briefcases. Are these
    acceptable for use in a formal business setting? Your opinion would be
    greatly appreciated. Thank you

  36. Big Bick

    Any recommendations for attache case

  37. 5555Mab

    why not put links to the bags….


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