MULCH MADNESS !!! “How to Charge, Tips, Advice, FUN TIMES"

How to Install mulch, what to charge… why to charge… how to charge.

X2 shredded hardwood. With the crew of 5 men.
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Where I learned this stuff:
Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Even Pagan, David Deida, David DeAngelo, Wayne Dyer, Mike Dillard, 300, Neil Strauss, EgoEdge, 5 Love Languages, John Gray , Men are From Mars, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Brene Brown, Robin Sharma, Robert Kiyosaki

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  1. Wombat Gardens

    Keith Kalfas and his merry band of meticulous mulch meisters

  2. Blessings Lawn & Outdoor Services

    All about the detail. Great job guys!

  3. Lawn Care Rookie

    Nice job! Liking the broadcasting technics!!

    And you call me methodical… Lol

    You gotta do it right or don’t do it at all, right? Hope your guys
    appreciate you’re enthusiasm! 🙂 

  4. Marcos H

    Keith: how do you stay so clean? I look like I just crossed the border!
    LOL. No lie! I look like some homeless guy who has not showered in like 2
    weeks! I should post one of my pictures here. Not sure if or how that can
    be done. 

  5. B&M Lawn Care

    Plus high mulch mound make the roots grow up in it and destroy stuff

  6. Zachary Miller

    How much do you charge to edge a bed.

  7. Lawn Care Savannah GA

    Very detailed work. Awesome!

  8. Small Business & Fitness

    Cool video Keith, Can’t believe you guys are still getting snow lol

  9. B&B Lawn Care

    That’s a bad ass house haha

  10. B&B Lawn Care

    Do you know how much those stepping stones were each that you installed

  11. Don Abraham

    Your videos are starting to make me mad. 

  12. Lawn Care

    Not saying you should do anything different. Just thought I would share
    some potentially valuable insight that your video had me thinking of.

    You’ve never talked about renting equipment. You could potentially save
    money on labor and increase your list of services.

    Maybe look into how much it costs to rent a gas power wheelbarrow (muck
    truck) in your area. They carry 5 to 6 times as much as a normal
    wheelbarrow. Require much less effort(they drive themselves and they dump)
    and won’t miss a beat ie: Once fatigue sets in for an employee doing hard
    labor, especially if it was a hot day. shoveling, pushing, spreading w.e..
    It doesn’t matter how strong or tough someone might think they are a human
    cant match a machine and typically as the work progresses the rate of
    production will go down AKA the nap game haha

    Some of the powered barrows you can even bolt an extra set of wheels on and
    make all four wheels like duallys so you can go accross some serious
    inclines if you ever have a need for something like that.

    You could be renting a stump grinder and small chipper for tree jobs and
    chipping into that box on your f150. If you have some extra door magnets
    you can slap them on the chipper and stump grinder and customers will think
    you own the equipment and you look more professional. “Fake it till you
    make it”

    I’m always learning new things in your videos. Thank you for that and for
    inspiring everyone as you go. Keep up the good work! Your friends at HLL

  13. Darrick George

    Great job!

  14. Jay's Lawn Care

    you said crispy a lot in this video man and i just ordered a hc152 made by
    echo ordered it on the Homedepot website to get it!!

  15. Maczust63

    wheel barrow races were the best when i was doing pool landscaping and
    interlock, we would race like up hill on 2×4’s that were over mud and bumps
    into the back yard man was that fun but so hard and if you dumped you wheel
    barrow like tipped it then you owed a round a of pints lol best. nice job
    Keith did you do the interlock and retaining walls too?

  16. Jimbo A

    Attention to detail!! Berry berry nice!!!

  17. Tomáš Valek

    I really like your videos, but this mulch … best quality?? Serrious?? It
    is full of dust and will make change to compost very fast. It s like Weed
    – you are welcome :-(

  18. TheRedneckViking

    Another top notch vid bud

  19. Dave098712

    Where can I buy those ladders you have?

  20. Phil DiMonte

    You don’t like to use pitch forks 

  21. Shane Reilly

    Keith any good ideas for advertising? 

  22. The Lawn Care Nut

    Crispy Crispy! and so cozy up underneath those bushes. LOL

  23. Ryan Hall

    Keith, you deleted a video called “you’re worth more than you’ve been lied
    to” recently but deleted it. Will you be re-uploading? I was very
    interested in watching.

  24. legacylg

    Good stuff man. Thx !

  25. Sheppard Lawn Services

    Keith, those properties look very high class. I’ve watched many of your
    videos I may have missed one or two though. Is there anyway to land higher
    class clients? I only am capable of mowing trimming edging mulching and
    clean ups as of now. 1st year rookie out of Virginia lol. Thanks man have a
    good day!


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