Music Business – Advice for releasing your own CD

This is an extract from “CD Release Party Strategies" which is available to download from (together with 14 Qualities of Successful Musicians, Songwriters and
Music Business Professionals) for just .95. Together these two music business audiobooks contain over three hours of insider secrets and advice for Independent Bands, Musicians & Songwriters. Specific tools and strategies that will help you to hit the ground running with your new music release, reach new fans, make more money, and get the publicity you need.


  1. TheAnstadGroup

    Nice Audio.

  2. ImprovementAudio

    There are still plenty of cds being sold aswell as downloads being sold
    (which is allowing back catalogue songs to get into the charts so it’s not
    all negative to the record labels). In the uk at least, there have been
    quite a lot of cds being given away free with newspapers etc., including
    new releases from established artists (with tour dates given on the back).
    They are choosing to give whole albums away to get a wider fanbase so there
    must be some good money in the tours and t-shirts etc.

  3. dwightcasey

    Probably there will be more emphasis on live shows and film/TV/video game
    opportunities. But nevertheless, a lot of people still buy music, either
    downloads or CD’s, so albums and singles will probably be released.

  4. 0n3m4n4rm33

    @DrumWild performances are the future people will pay to see the talent a
    premium will have to be exacted at concert time….


    This is good advice.


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