Peter De Savary | Business Advice

Peter De Savary tells of what he"s learned in his career as a businessman.
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Peter De Savary opens by saying that the most valuable lessons you can learn in business are from your mistakes. He goes on to talk about leaving school with nothing and states that when he says ‘no" is more important than when he says yes. There"s always another chance when he says no whereas replying with ‘yes", if you say ‘yes" and it"s the wrong ‘yes" then there may never be another chance again. He touches on luck, half of your luck you make yourself and the other half is down to circumstance.
He stresses the importance of honesty; if you are not honest you will be found out so be as transparent and straightforward.
Filmed on Wednesday 6th February 2013

The Oxford Union and The Oxford Guild Business Society present a unique panel discussion with four of the highest profile figures in British business and politics. Each of them has followed a very different path to success, encompassing a diverse range of fields. Discussing their illustrious careers will be former leader of the Conservative Party Lord Michael Howard, former Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group Sir Victor Blank, BBC Dragon"s Den star Theo Paphitis and former Millwall Football Club Chairman Peter de Savary.

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  1. TheTomtah

    The friends part was great. You really do need friends if you’re gonna be
    successful in life.


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