Random business advice #19

Please check out this other video New Q&A Series!: http://youtu.be/wfZ5KFYD4wY


  1. TJ Temple

    Excited for both of them. 

  2. TJ Temple

    Do you want us to pose questions on here for your business videos? 

  3. Guy Steele

    Awesome. Can you explain a little bit on how balloon twisters file taxes. I
    think I remember you saying that you are in Canada. I’m in the U.S. but I
    pay 8% sales tax on selling products. Do balloon twisters sell retail
    products? Would a balloon be considered a product? People do hire us for
    balloons so technically we make stuff but they also hire us for the antics.
    So there is a service aspect to it as well. Could you give some advice on
    how to differentiate or file those types of expenses or something? Thanks

  4. warrenann

    T J Temple. You can leave questions here or on other videos. I will try to
    answer the ones I can. 

  5. TJ Temple

    How do you deal with taking tips do you have a tip jar or just take them by
    hand? If you do restaurant work how long do you spend on each balloon. 

  6. TJ Temple

    Thought of a couple more. How do you deal with a balloon request you don’t
    know how to make or don’t have the supplies available to make. Is there a
    certain minim age limit to getting a balloon from you? How do you justify
    to restaurant owners to pay you instead of just working for tips,
    especially at a Buffett? Where can we find videos on line or otherwise Of
    balloon artists performing doing line work or restaurant work.

    Thanks in advance. 


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