Really Bad Advice for Small Business


  1. Dees Nuts


  2. chiripas Romero

    hey i charged 55 dollars for mulching i got my rake and scratched of all
    the weeds. And the mulch tht was all ready down there i left…there was
    like 12% mulch all ready there so almost nothing. So i went and added mulch
    is that to little i bouth 10 bags per house and charged 15 dollars but they
    payed the bags of mulch wich ended up being 55 per house i did 7 houses.I
    wasted 280 dollars wich were givin back by d coustumers and profit was 105
    thts to low rigth? How much should i have sharged?

  3. TwoGuysLawnLA

    UPS stores are franchise owned and the owners usually work inside so they
    can make their own rules about filming. Fedex Office is owned by fedex so
    the lady was just an employee. probably got spooked when you talked about

  4. carmichael moritz

    i do agree on one thing , if someone has the money and is willing to spend
    it , why not take as much as you can , if you don`t someone else will. i
    myself would never spend a cent on mulch , to poor.

  5. pyr0techn1c

    hotter than a half fucked fox in a forest fire.

  6. Bambi's Outdoor Service

    i have been doing this for a while. my customers that want work done
    immediately i have charged a rush charge and it has worked for me. my
    regular clients know that i am a one man operation most of the time and
    they understand that i can do the work for them and if they are wiling to
    work with my schedule im willing to work with theirs. i did a huge mulch
    job where i re done 36 islands and 72 trees for a large retail corporation
    and they wanted it done within 9 days i charged them a $1000 rush charge
    because of it.

  7. Terry Weldon

    Quote to use: It’s raining like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock.

  8. Steve Brecht

    Great video. Definitely applicable, although $1,200 for 2 yards of mulch
    (14 wheelbarrows) ? Your probably only paying $60 tops for the mulch, so
    $1,140 for 1.5 hrs on the job (1.5 x 2 guys = 3 hours) some people may have
    a very hard time paying this price and could probably get multiple lower
    bids from different established companies. I definitely understand charging
    for “rush job” but this quote seems very high

  9. Doug S

    tighter than bark on a tree

  10. Robert Swift

    different business model..apples to oranges.

  11. Apple Grove Homestead

    I am kinda late to the party but I just stumbled upon your channel here.
    Nice to see there is still some people in the world with common sense.

  12. Jonathan McGregor

    awesome video, great advice! Thanks brother

  13. JAMRV kids

    MY saying is this……”.I do good work and I don’t do it cheap”

  14. F Scarecro

    Stan is just capitalizing on the fact that these homeowners dont want to do
    their own work. I just did my first mulch job this past weekend. Threw it
    up on instagram and got 20 likes in the first hour. So it looked nice and
    i’m sure someone wouldve charged me $100 for it.

    Took me 5 bags of red mulch($2 a bag on sale at HD) $10,

    6 trash bags since i forgot to buy material,

    some grass killer i sprayed on the weeds earlier in the day before i pulled
    them (sprayed for extra measure),

    Triazicide for grubs and bugs

    2 hours of work

    now of course i have a bag full of weeds and old mulch i have to dispose of.

    This was obviously very unprofessional and just me using what i had. But
    when you break it down into steps it adds up. Also many people dont want to
    do all that. Heres what it turned out like.
    this was all weeds and old moldy mulch when i started. Your typical
    neglected bed of weeds. I dont think Stan is ripping anyone off. If i was
    super busy and wanted to just come home and have my backyard flower bed
    look like this i wouldve paid $100. Furthermore on top of what i listed off
    i had to get on youtube and research how to do it all.

  15. joe G

    good advice, thanks!!

  16. Maria das Santos

    Well we charge more for quick turn around here in London for cleaning,why

  17. Ghost2Coast

    This business tips/tricks/behind-the-scenes series is amazing please do

  18. Stomp

    Thank you so much, I’m just about to restart my business and you are
    highlighting the very things that almost destroyed the business I ran in
    the past.

  19. Ron Thomas

    when you are feeling good ” finer then frogs hair”

  20. Stmtrolleyguy

    You can pick any two you want – but ONLY two.
    Good, Fast, Cheap.

    If you want it done well and fast, it won’t be cheap.
    If you get it done fast and cheap, it won’t be done well.
    If you want it done well and cheap, you’re gonna have to wait for it.

  21. Cockroach

    I don’t know that the USPS does a worse job than Fed-Ex or UPS. I believe
    the USPS does the best job for those who take some time planning. I like
    the USPS & use them 100%. I don’t need or use UPS or Fed-Ex. That is for
    other people. Besides, that opens up the USPS channels for me!

  22. Vera Lawn Care

    A person called me a wile ago to cut his lawn one time for $35, now he
    called me again to do it the next day for $60 because he had a special
    event and wanted the grass in tip top shape.

  23. Drake Roberts

    That’s more suspicious than a nun doing squats in a cucumber field

  24. josh hinderer

    I feel like theirs so much information to retain thru all your vids but not
    only am I noting stuff I’m also just seeing the information just kinda
    sticks in & pops out when needed lol good stuff man your really changing my
    life Man.


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