Recycling Scrap, Mars Robot, Auction Haul, Business Advice! CB36


  1. Scott Small

    Congrats on getting a chance to see what remains of Littlefield; I’m hoping
    to make it back there before the rest goes.

  2. Wildman Tech

    If you can make it, the annual open house at the Jet Propulsion Lab in
    Pasadena is so worth doing!

  3. Donz Milky

    hire me, I’ll work for next to nothing haha.

  4. Donz Milky

    Can help you find a better scrap dealer too haha, my grand dad owns the
    oldest scrap yard in Berkshire county.

  5. Dan B

    I ran one of those lathes.

  6. Bill Brown

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    channel and keep up the Great work.

  7. minskmade

    is there an individual video for just the Dewalt chop saw fixture…havent
    been able to find one…also any reason why you picked a Dewalt metal saw
    over an Evolution or the robert moore…ps..i looooooooooove your much knowledge…so much care put into them..thank you so much
    for taking the time to spread the knowledge and passion


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