SECRET MEN"S BUSINESS – Secret Advice for the Modern Man

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  2. IntotheFire

    Awesome video Archibald. More secret men`s business stuff!

  3. Sir Ly

    MG toe? I only know camel toe..

  4. john g

    you know what they say – “what’s mine is mine and what’s your is ours”

  5. john g

    I see- buy her fake shit and keep the rest for you – selfish prick

  6. Sir MGTOW

    Archie, please accept some experience-based advice for you and your
    viewers. Safety deposit boxes are not safe, are easily discoverable with a
    smart assets search and are easily accessible through a court order. If you
    are ever hit with criminal charges, tax issues, alimony, child support or
    a lawsuit, the safety deposit boxes may be easily compromised. Physical
    goods that no one else knows about and are well hidden are not. I do not
    recommend saving cash for long periods of time, because fiat currency
    always goes down in value over time, though quickly accessible emergency
    money is certainly a stellar idea. I agree with collecting and hiding
    physical goods. Things like raw diamonds, precious metals, *some* types of
    jewelry (not retail jewelry because its a rip off), collectible paper
    currency and coinage, valuable artwork, antiques and even consumables,
    because their price always increases, so what you spend today will be a
    savings tomorrow. I am a strong believer in preparing.

  7. steve allen

    After 3 failed marriages Archie I hope you can take your own advice . 

  8. Steven Monash 62

    A bit like when you have a big win at the races. Never tell her indoors…
    just tell her you did your ass by a nose. And don’t tell her you bought
    her birthday present from Jube Jewels… Think of your box like a mini
    underground bunker where all your precious jube jewels are tucked away like
    they do not exist.

  9. Eric H

    you are one sad motherfucker aye archie 

  10. 243wayne1

    I’m currently shepherding a close friend of mine through a divorce as this
    video airs…

  11. Scottish Heather

    If a guy gave me something from DUPE jewels…I’d think he was a great guy!
    I love a guy with a sense of humour ;o)

  12. somerville99

    Good advice, just in case.

  13. Snake Roberts

    Big Boy certainly has issues with women doesn’t he. Now I agree that they
    are all as mad as snakes. But when you finally land yourself a good one,
    they are really not that bad. When you are a self centered, materialistic
    or woteva (asshole), perhaps that’s not a good time (in your life) to
    choose a mate. My 2c fuckas.

  14. Jack Cole

    Archie, shouldn’t the Top Gear guys have a new guide to watches out for you
    to review by now. The last one you did was CLASSIC!

  15. Snake Roberts

    All blokes have a stash the missus knows nothing about. Come on fuckas,
    that’s no secret. Good onya Big Boy for advising the naive among us.


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