SEO Best Practice Strategies for 2014 with Rand Fishkin of MOZ


  1. Kevin Anchi

    Darn missed it due to time difference

  2. Katherine Tattersfield

    In case you missed this ish yesterday, SEO Hhangout with +Rand Fishkin & +Robert

    Rand more or less agrees with the Content Shock scenario put forth by Mark
    Schaefer. Basically, the fact that we’re all publishers makes for content
    overload as well as poor output.

    I agree that content marketing is highly demanding; many will discover they
    can’t keep producing consistent quality content and simply give up.

    If you think you’re in danger of jumping off the content cliff, I say scale
    it back. Yes, it’s better to have fresh content on your blog 3 times a
    week, but not at the expense of your audience. If you’re pressed for
    time/resources, spend the whole week on one epic post instead of 3
    acceptable articles.

    I’m still aiming for 3 blog posts per week, and I find myself devoting way
    more time to the articles than I did 6 months ago. I used to crank out a
    post in about an hour—-lately a single post takes up the majority of my

    No issues there if you’re a freelancer (I presume?) For us in-house
    marketers, I think it’s time to have a sit down with the higher ups. I
    don’t know about anybody else, but I have a hard time explaining that you
    can’t create epic shit in an hour.


    (p.s. my question comes at the very end. It was prompted by the phrase
    “link earning.” I think I earn a link when I guest post. I don’t write
    crap, and I often design an image to go along with my copy. How much would
    people pay for this service that I’m supposed to offer for nothing more
    than the promise of exposure now? As much as I love writing and design, I
    don’t think a single link at the bottom of a page is asking too much.
    Apparently I’m in the minority on this one.)

  3. Rosso Rosso Digital Media Consultancy

    What are the social media content trends for 2014? Find out in this talk
    from The Moz CEO.

  4. Ozzie Harris

    Love Rand’s answers to all the questions. Thanks for the upload. 

  5. Andy King

    +Rand Fishkin gives his thoughts on #seo for 2014 courtesy of +Robert

  6. soner çağlar

    thanks for sharing

  7. Nick Southcote-Want

    It doesn’t get better than Seattle’s own +Rand Fishkin telling us what’s up
    in 2014.
    #seo #seotips #seotrends2014 

  8. gaurav bhatt

    MOZ special video. 

  9. Robert O'Haver

    +Rand Fishkin & +Robert O’Haver Thank you for the insight. We completely
    agree that *it’s not about just SEO* but your Social impacts your SEO, your
    Content impacts your SEO and so forth. Well said. 

  10. Andre Mckay

    Huge dispute within my previous start up that I was with… say a
    contributor published an article on their personal website/blog “whenever”,
    and they decide that they want to publish that content on our
    site/publication… however they literally were just “copy/pasting” from
    theirs to ours… wouldn’t that be something Google would penalize on the
    2nd site that it was published on +Rand Fishkin ? I have yet to have this
    answered in the last 3yrs

    Thanks for this awesome interview Rober

  11. Tom Harbid

    Thank you

  12. Outlier Solutions, Inc.

    A great webinar on SEO for the coming year from Rand Fishkin of MOZ. MOZ is
    a software we use here at Outlier Solutions, and find the tools quite
    valuable. SEO is getting closer to real life, and though there is more
    competition then ever in the online marketing world, it will mean better
    content for all our viewers.

  13. Kevin Hauff

    Good stuff, thanks

  14. Frank Rodríguez


  15. Daniel Pressley

    *SEO Best Practice Strategies for 2014*

    With +Rand Fishkin

    This is a really useful Q&A session with Moz founder Rand Fishkin covering
    a raft of SEO-related topics with trademark good humour and insightfulness.

    “There’s this one metatag which, if you put it in the top of all your
    pages, will make you rank No1 for everything. But I can’t tell you what it
    is, sorry.”

  16. Sahila Saa

    i want to meet you now

  17. Rumilita Naha

    For Newbies.

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  19. Doug Asker

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