Should You Take Business Advice From Your Spouse?


  1. Brent Goodale

    I think it was a great example.

  2. Udo O

    Risque with all the sexuality and gender-role references!

  3. Demetria Jackson

    Great video. 🙂

  4. Peg Fitzpatrick

    *Fab advice* from +Marie Forleo

    *Should you take business advice from your spouse?*

    “Relationship problems can happen if your spouse gives you business advice
    and you don’t necessarily want to hear it. In this video you’ll learn 4
    important questions to ask yourself to help ease the tension.”

    Question 1. Are you being a business tease? If you’re bringing up your
    business issues with your partner but rejecting their advice, you might be
    teasing them. To avoid relationship problems, recognize that your partner’s
    natural response is to try and help. If you don’t want help, tell them you
    just need an ear to listen.

    Question 2. Are you just suffering in silence?

    Question 3: Are you trying to “out man” your man?

    Question 4: Are you just being a silly billy?

    All the A’s to the Q’s on the video. Marie’s Q&A Tuesday rocks!

  5. TiffanyThurston4

    It has nothing to do with rape culture or sexism. Marie isn’t telling
    Heather to smother her own business ambition to keep from competing with
    her husband. She is saying that all that competition isn’t healthy in a
    relationship. She isn’t referring to rape culture when she uses the naked
    analogy. She is giving an example of another confusing situation between
    spouses. This is not to say that a women who is legally tied to a man is
    responsible for meeting his needs. No need for hostility.


    I love the last point, I would love to get business advice from a
    successful entrepreneur whom I admire. I also love getting advice from my
    man, he is in a completely different field (IT) and does not have his own
    business. But we got to know each other over 10 years ago while we both
    studied architecture. We worked together all the time, so this is actually
    how our relationship started. 1 year after being a dream team we fell in

  7. Xavier BenJamin


  8. Vitoria Castro

    Such a great topic today for all of us, married and entrepreneurs 🙂 Thank
    you Marie.

  9. Dani Vachon


  10. IntuitiveMitchell

    I do take advice from my Husband, but I only share when I am in a place to
    take His advice. He is SO right brained and it often doesn’t resonate with
    me when I am in my left brain planning. Thanks Marie!!!

  11. Debbie Borthwick

    I love asking my husband for advice and help. He has owned his business
    after retiring a number of years ago and I am in the process of staring
    mine after ‘retiring’. Whatever advice he can give me if golden…he was
    the man brought in to ‘fix’ corporations when they were in dire straights
    during his career so I know he has valuable insight. Fabulous video and
    answers, Marie!

  12. Alia Gonzalez

    I love getting business advice from ANYONE I respect and admire (husband
    included). I hear everything they have to say and consider. It doesn’t
    hurt, because in the long run…I’m going to do what I want to do…so
    outside input is really just a plus. I’d say to relax, listen and dismiss
    where applicable, but be sure to listen in the event a good idea does come
    up and you can use later on.

  13. nature10879

    I hate when pple. try to advice me like Mr. know it all. I am a guy and I
    cant stand it. Some people just try to act like they know everything, Dont
    get me wrong, I dont mind advice from an expert or someone who is good at
    something, I can relate this video to my life that is not business related
    pple trying to advice you and when you look at their life, They got nothing
    important going on especially on that topic.

  14. Viktoria M.

    had to watch this a couple of times. was to distracted by that hypnotizing
    beauty o_O

  15. Anabell Hilarski

    *I love this video, Should you take business advice from your Spouse?*
    I don’t mind, what about you?

  16. Evan Tate

    Great video Marie! I’m a big fan of yours! I’ve also encountered such
    problems in my past relationships. My wife or partner giving me advice on
    what to do in my business ( freelancer) although they were employees and
    were never independent. Horror!!!! Thanks for the advice!

  17. dattebenforcer

    good advice

  18. AtlantaInvestors

    Lol – Sorry Marie, but if you were my wife I wouldn’t hear a word you said,
    I’d be to busy looking at you! Great video!

  19. MV Lucas

    Totally. Women can “stay” in the masculine if they so choose. If a man
    feels threatened by his partner, then that is his issue to deal with.

  20. Andrea Grimaldi

    Yeah, I also felt uncomfortable when she say that. What exactly is “my
    femenine” any way?

  21. Andrea Grimaldi

    “Stay in my femenine”? C’mon Marie… didn’t like that at all.

  22. Vicki Hale

    What do you do about non-spouse male acquaintances or co-workers who
    constantly “correct” you or your opinions or everything about you? how do
    you make them STOP? I’m 44, not a child. I don’t need “correction” –
    certainly not from someone whose opinion I didn’t ask for. It’s so
    condescending and irritating. Every time it happens I just think to myself
    “what a chauvinist a**hole pig.” All the while, I’m just smiling and
    nodding (people pleasing behavior I know…).

  23. Wening Cintron

    Business Tips for your business. Thank you!

  24. Raleigh D

    I don’t think I would have put it as “stay in your feminine” (which to me,
    comes dangerously close to “stay in your place” as in “a woman’s place” –
    yikes!), but I see the wisdom in separating business from your personal
    life. That kind of competition simply isn’t good for keeping the romance
    alive, whether it be from a male or female in the relationship.

  25. Courtney Bentley

    Great video! Random thought but your dress is so fashion fresh! Love it! 


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