Sir Richard Branson: how to start a business

Sir Richard Branson reveals what it takes to be an entrepreneur and offers his advice to an audience of 400 people who are about to start their own business.

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  1. Virgin StartUp
  2. Nathan Salem - Graphic Designer

    How do I find out when events like this happen or do I have to be invited?

  3. William Campbell

    Not a bad way to jump start my brain before the day starts.

  4. Glen Wheeler

    I attended this event up in Newcastle on the 3rd of March 2015. It was such
    an inspiring talk. Richard Branson is a role model for anyone who attempts
    to start up their own business. Just to see all of the attendees sit their
    in silence whilst he spoke was amazing. Such a great day for all of us
    lucky listeners who managed to get there.

  5. LiAnna Musatova

    I live in Ukraine. Russia launched a war against Ukraine, annexed the
    Crimea, wants to conquer part of our territory (Donbas), supplying weapons
    to terrorists … Now they accumulate tanks near the border … And I want
    to bring to my country peacemaking. I want to create an Internet TV for
    training people entrepreneurship as a way to unite, to engage in dialogue,
    to solve the problems in our country. So, do you know what is peacemaking
    in wartime?

  6. Richie Williams

    Inspired OK Richard Branson, inspire me Richard by given me a job 

  7. Crystal Marie Tabor-Trujillo

    GOD Blessed Brother♥ Amen…

  8. PriyaAvaani

    Super light-hearted interview with Richard Branson, great life lessons on
    how to start a business. 

  9. Lancelot Guinevere

    Branson grew up privileged and had millionaire parents that also bailed him
    out financially when he nearly wernt to prison. Dont beleive a word branson
    says, he’s a rich kid done good and his parents saved his ass from prison
    from tax evasion


    Very interesting mid-week listening. BFS-TV

  11. Entrepreneurship & SME Development Media
  12. Hua goh
  13. eliza cetera

    amazing and inspiring to keep on going. Thank you guys for being this
    motivation and inspiration to do not give up on the way

  14. Blogging Business Tips

    Great interview with the Man himself, Richard Branson #Inspiration!

  15. Jeanine Vidal

    Great interview with the Man himself, Richard Branson #Inspiration!

  16. Tim Oshea

    as an australian i can’t find good ice coffee another place in earth and iv
    always told over seas friends to sell ice coffee

  17. Cardio Central

    Great interview with the Man himself, Richard Branson #Inspiration!


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