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  1. James Yeager
  2. Tom Hornstein

    The only ship that doesn’t float is a partnership.

  3. greenhouse114

    As a small business owner, I totally agree with James’ comments here. If
    you’re an aspiring business owner, watch this and heed the advice offered.

  4. xrklkx

    yknow one day we should all troll james by only bringing 1911’s to a
    class… a piss of yeager day….

  5. Archangel Michael

    I commented on this on one of your older vids a few weeks back. Thanks for
    the VR. It’s given me some ideas on how I want to approach setting up my
    business. Thank you.

  6. jittychitty

    LOL…some customers are F-ing retarted…That’s so true!

  7. John Wilburn

    I’ve run a small business for the last 6 years and this video reminds me of
    James saying gunfights are won by all the little mistakes we DON’T make. So
    true in business. My takeaway from this video is how badly I need an

  8. John Wilburn

    I’m glad you told the viewers that running a small business isn’t for
    everyone. People who constantly talk about how unfair their job is will
    never make it on their own.

  9. Jim Assalone

    First, make sure it’s your passion and working long hours and stress of
    making it work is doable.

  10. Jan Safarik

    What I found out a hard way is (at least from a start):
    – Do not buy new stuff. Always get used ones.
    – Answer phone calls. Reply on missed phone calls. Reply right away on
    If you can’t deliver in time, you must say it right when you find out.
    Communication is everything. (I’m not saying you should waste you time with
    assholes. That is something else.)
    – you have to have some sort of vacation and weekends. You will not be
    efficient, if you do not get your self sometimes a day off.
    – Try to separate your working place and place where you relax.
    Do not have home office. It works from a start. But it is terrible long
    term solution.

  11. makin1905

    As soon as you said 20% of customers take up 80% of your time, I
    automatically thought SOE fires them. And then you said you need to fire
    them haha. gave me a good chuckle for the morning. Im glad you put this
    video up. This was something I needed to see to start my day. thanks

  12. Quadrateq QuadraTactical

    The wife and I run 2 cottage industry businesses for over 10 yrs. It has
    been hard, but rewarding. 16+hour days is easily a reality. We make a
    living and able to pay our bills, we did this even while raising 2 teenage
    boys (now grown). We do legal and medical transcription as well as hand
    build tactical products for rifles and shotguns. It has its ups and downs,
    but would not trade it in. If you are a full time employee and are sick and
    tired of it, it is encourage to start small in home with something you
    enjoy that other people see your commitment, enthusiasm and honor in what
    you produce whether a service or product. With persistance and constistance
    laying one brick at a time you can build an awesome small home based
    business (be PATIENT!). Yes, we had many ideas that we tried and failed,
    but we kept at it fascilitatng solutions finding that niche and being
    consistant in reaching out to our customer base. Do not be discouraged! You
    cannot please everyone and you will make mistakes. Be enduring.

  13. Quadrateq QuadraTactical
  14. Zach Billings

    “You can’t be a leader and an administrator”. So true. One of my biggest
    takeaways being involved in a small business.

  15. Andrew Moss

    6:15 Was this a clever way of saying he can’t stand Marilyn?

  16. XCritonX

    I’m working 20 hours a week now so that I can spend the maximum time
    raising my baby son, and I’m making 3x as much money as I was making last
    year. Its the result of working like a mad man for a decade building my
    skills, reputation and investing in business relationships.

  17. December151791

    Making Money advice is different than Small Business advice.

  18. Andreas ATST

    He fired me as a customer. 🙂 Still a good video! 😉 Thumbs up

  19. Leah Ellington

    LOL…some customers are F-ing retarted…That’s so true!

  20. Redpath Knife and Tool

    100% spot on

  21. Brigadier88

    My small business idea is an outdoor shooting range in my area,
    unfortunately my county only allows indoor ranges and the surrounding areas
    have so many stipulations and land is so expensive I doubt it will ever
    come true. I’d like to have just a basic out door range with tons of lanes,
    and each lane wide enough to accommodate multiple shooters in one lane,
    Like if you and your buddies want a “private” lane, other wise each lane
    would have only one shooter so they can safely go down range to place
    targets. To paint a better picture, each lane would fit 5-8 shooters safely
    and have high dirt walls between each lane. Sort of like big trenches. I
    would like them to vary from 50 yards to 500 yards. Also I would like to
    include an indoor area for rental guns, ammo, ect. And eventually get an
    ffl license, and hire highly trained instructors to teach classes there. I
    have other ideas, but as far as things being set into motion, that is years
    away from reality. I would love to run it 16 hours a day (with the help
    hired employee of course) I’d plan to keep expanding, with business growth.
    This would be my dream business, it wouldn’t even seem like work to me,
    although I probably wont be the one shooting.

  22. MadSativa

    fuk yah owning your own is not fun when the boss is pissed and that happens
    when the business is busy so when it going good its like a mad ass storm of
    oh shit get them their shit and when its slow its a shit storm of we can do
    it better and get them their shit and make their shit better so they come
    to us. Basically always a shit storm of a boss no sleep no vacation, work
    is life so make sure you like your work.

  23. Rob Schmidt

    Running a small business is no walk in the park. James is spot on about
    working many hours in order to reap the benefits which come once the
    business is well-established.

    For my small construction business I have to do the marketing, meet with
    potential clients, estimate material and the time needed to complete the
    job and be able to make a profit, negotiate with vendors, and strap on the
    tools to get the job done.

    As to be expected with any other business, the customer is not always

  24. timewave02012

    If you don’t know how to serve your customer better than by giving them
    everything they ask for, exactly as they ask for it, you’re in the wrong
    business. They’re hiring you because you’re supposed to know something they
    don’t (and this is true of anything, not just training). If your customer
    really knew better, why would they bother?

  25. Dave White

    I always love our business talks. Any advice you’ve given me, I’ve applied
    it and obviously it works. With your help, and others too, I’ve went from
    zero to something pretty cool in 3 short years. Thank you very much!


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