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[00:00:00] Welcome to the take action webinar Coach Steve Taylor. Thank you for joining us today. What I"m going to be talking about today is a little bit a mathematical formula on a resistance to change. What I find in my journeys is talking to potential clients and clients alone is we"re always revisiting why are we resistant to change even when we know it could benefit us or it"s going to lead into a happier place or a better place or a more successful place as we determine it, but we still find ourselves constantly battling that resistance to it. Some of us more than others actually – based on our personalities.

[00:00:40] So part of what we"re going to talk about today is this could be a helpful tool for any coach or any business owner working with employees to ask them some really pointed questions about how do we get better and also lead them down the path they"ll be able to quantify their commitment to getting better. Again a little bit of what we do at Action Business Solutions is our major goal is to create leaders out of the realm of business owners. Leaders, we feel strongly that they lead a positive team that makes a big impact to the world and they touch consumers; they"re family oriented as far as they provide assistant for their own families; they provide jobs to the community; they provide education, opportunities. That"s really what"s we"re looking at and the owners that are looking at that we"re working with, these owners are with a little stronger vision that determine that they want to make a difference.

[00:01:40] Along those lines our mission is to assist clients who are committed to that excellence, the education and they have the zeal to continue through life to achieve their success. Again, whatever level that success is that is fine as long as we"re discussing it. We do this through education, we"re enthusiastic, we hold them accountable, we work on communication and measuring and we help them document their goals. And here"s the cool thing, we do that with the understanding that we want it to be an enjoyable journey to their freedom. And when we speak of freedom what does that look like, what"s that vision for them. That is our vision. That"s what we do daily.

[00:02:23] Here"s the formula. Bare with me a second with my drawing tools. I love these things but sometimes they can be very finicky. Part of what we look like when we ask these particular pointed questions to whether it"s clients or employees or potential clients is we want to get a real numerical idea on this resistance number. Typically, we come in and o some sort of personality assessment – really work with some clients as far as understanding where they sit on the personality level. You know are they tame when it comes to resistance, are they less. So one of the first questions we ask is “how open-minded are you to change on a scale of 1 to 10?" And if that resistance is “well, you know, I"m not a big fan of change" – You might find that that"s actually a 7. If that"s the case “okay, you"re not a big fan of change we definitely understand that, but this gives us a marking point to be able to start the equation." So if their resistance level is a 7, then we say “how does dissatisfied are you with the particular position you"re in? How dissatisfied are you working for your business rather than your business working for you?"

[00:03:43] The cool thing about this sometimes is they may say “this is a 10 – I am completely dissatisfied". And then I may say “okay, well then tell me what it looks like when you have a successful business on a scale of 1 to 10". They"re like “I really don"t know. I don"t have a clue". That would come as 0.

So the interesting thing about the equation is 10 x 0 is still 0. And we"re not even hitting that first step yet. Okay, or we may find something down here of how dissatisfied are you “you know on the scale of 1 to 10 I"m really a 5 as far as dissatisfied". If you"re a 5 what"s that look like to get you – you know what"s that 5 look like. What"s that 5 have to take to get you a little bit higher on the dissatisfied scale. I mean you"re kind of mediocre-ly dissatisfied. If you have vision you"ll say “but I really really have a huge vision. Okay and my vision is a 6, which isn"t a very huge vision but it"s more than a 0 up there. Then we"re on our way. You see how now we"ve got the equation. Okay, so we"ve got a pretty good deal there where I can tell if I need to work with this business owner where this business owner actually wants to work. But more times than none, we usually have a “I"m not really dissatisfied because you know what there"s no really need for your services".

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