Starting a business: Whose advice should you trust?

Since this detail shop has been a struggle to get off the ground, I figured I would document some of the adventures of starting a new business.


  1. Rob Dahm

    Add a message to your video

  2. Peja-03-333-33

    whats going on with the 4 rotor engine? wold love to hear her scream

  3. Jerry Batista

    I’m excited to learn more! thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Kaanae Pontilius

    We need more people like Mr. Dahm on Youtube and we also need more people
    who subscribe to him. I really look up to you Mr. Dahm, you are my role
    model :). ( It’s me Kaan btw. you know me 😉 )

  5. Henrich Heimly

    I once messaged you on Facebook. I feel sorry for you, it was a really long
    message. I didn’t think you would reply. You did.

    Since then I started my own business and quit school. Everyone told me not
    to quit focus on “important” stuff. This was 4 months ago and now I am
    planning to expand to 5 new countries.

    I think that the person you really should listen to is yourself. One thing
    that have worked out pretty good for me, is to set up goals. Long and short
    term, then think of possibilities to accomplish them. Find several
    solutions and then pick the best one.

    I think you underestimate yourself Dahm, and I can see that your name as a
    brand is growing. I am glad you don’t sell fake advices. 

  6. BFBCIE2

    I love these videos. I’d love to hear your insight into how to actually go
    from an idea to a real business and how to deal with the bad times.

  7. dack6i9

    i like how you sound so humble about yourself and how realistic you are

  8. Lui Nonaka

    I think the biggest enemy to success is yourself. Some people like me just
    need to get off our asses and give the aspirations floating around a shot.

    I have close-to-finished music, close-to-finished 3d printer blueprints,
    close-to-finished kit car frame sketches… but that’s all they are-
    unfinished. Certainly not profitable yet.

    I also think it is that uncertainty (luck) in business that kills
    excitement for many people like me. I’m afraid of my plans not working out,
    and I give all the excuses in the world to abandon development of these
    projects because there are better ones out there or whatever.

    These kinds of encouraging videos are good and all, but everyone needs to
    be reminded that its advice, not formula.

    Dahm, thanks for pointing out that people who tout their magic success
    formula as perfect are asshats. Thanks for pointing out that people who try
    to sell their formulas are scams.

  9. Durararide!!

    Interesting words and thoughts. Your videos have been great, and it will be
    very cool to see some more of what you’re thinking/doing.

  10. Roads Untraveled

    As someone starting their own business and trying to figure out what works
    and what doesn’t, I’ve found your videos Rob to be extremely motivating.
    You, Rob Ferretti, and Matt Farah. Thanks Rob and keep up the great work
    and positive attitude!

  11. munayata38

    I learned that nobody in this world knows what the hell their doing.
    Might as well wing it by myself.

  12. armancz

    Btw if you tried to help people Rob, to teach them what you know for free
    etc you know in the end they spit on it and tell you to go fuck yourself..
    or just do nothing and bitch and moan why your advice is bad and you’re
    shit. Even your best friends will do this. Money (or any other
    comodity/activity) from the receiving person is just an exchange for your
    knowledge/tools whatever. Its the same principly why giving money to a bum
    will make his life even worse – he did nothing in exchange. Whan to rase
    children who hate you and ruin their lives with drugs and destroy your
    property for giggles? – Give them, give them and give them more and refuse
    anything in exchange. Want your wife/gf cheat on you and runaway with some
    douchbag? – Give her shit all the time and refuse anything in return.
    Exchange, its that simple.

  13. NorwayGokart99

    Thank you for these types of videos! I have incredibly big dreams and
    sometimes i get so scared of them that i am tempted to live a easy, average
    life. Then i turn on a couple of your videos and i want to be special and
    leave a mark! Thank you so much! :)

  14. True Racer

    I hate the idea of selling information but i have a lot of it from my
    experiences in the niche racing world and a sizeable fan base within my
    target market. My problem is i am a mechanic for a trash company and i hate
    my job but it pays the bills. I am persueing my passion but dont see a way
    that i can make it a career without charging for my knowledge

  15. GizmoTheGr8

    You know what i like more than knowing how to start a business???
    KNOWLEDGE!! Ok now buy my book of obvious steps on how to get richer.

  16. Cade Ford

    Video on initial investors 

  17. funnymakeslifesunny

    YES! the business videos are back :D

  18. anonymous friends

    *He looks so high as fuck in this video*

  19. Belicose777

    You’re a genuine dude.

  20. Blahsheep

    Man, I was actually going to buy a shirt… I might be drunk, but not that
    drunk. 14 dollars extra for shipping to Canada. 30 dollars for the shirt,
    14… 34 dollars American which is 44 dollars Canadian. Not worth it. I
    was going to go for thirty. Sorry man hahaha

  21. markme3002

    I can’t believe this guy lives in SE Michigan 

  22. Dylan Prasad

    This is why I love you lol 

  23. Lmomjian

    so much wisdom in this video!! you’re the best Rob. Do you have a link to
    Andy’s videos?

  24. Toni Sukles

    Yeah, I’ve never liked any of the” psst wanna know a way to get rich, give
    me 30 dollars” guys. I’ve watched some of their videos and they seem like
    complete dicks. I’m looking forward to the real side of business with Rob
    Dahm lol

  25. Ty U.

    Good advice but, I was the 666th one to like this lol


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