Starting a Video Production Business – Advice

Advice from successful business owners on what it takes to make it. This lesson is from a course on Starting Your Own Video Production Business.


  1. videomaker
  2. edenthedjguy

    Is this a spoof? Being good at your “craft” is not a prerequisite… It’s
    helpful but not needed. So many times I see in many niches are the most
    successful financially are not the best technically or creatively. Learn
    to market and you’ll be successful.

  3. mhmrules

    I think the problem with me is that I really like filmmaking, but I
    absolutely suck at the business side of things. This comes from a guy who
    was quoted as saying “Economics is soooooo boring.” And, “I thought we only
    had to pay taxes once a year.”
    Should I seek someone who are good at the books too?

  4. Philippe Schultz

    Thank you and a happy and successfully year 2015 to you !


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